Italian and Hebrew
"air; song or melody; lion"

Aria Origin and Meaning

The name Aria is a girl's name of Hebrew, Italian origin meaning "air; song or melody; lion".

Aria is a multi-cultural name with two extremely popular versions: this more word-like one along with Arya, the spelling used for the feisty young heroine of Game of Thrones. There were about 6400 baby girls named Aria in the US last year alog with 2400 named Arya, which counted together places the name in the Top 10.

The light and airy Aria entered the list in 2000 and now ranks among the Top 25 girl names in the US. In Italian, Aria's literal meaning is air, while in Hebrew it's a form of Ari meaning lion. An Aria is a musical term denoting a kind of song or melody, often in an opera.

Aria is a Top 100 name throughout the English-speaking world and also ranks highly in France and several European countries -- though notably not in Italy or Israel. In Persian, Aria is a male name, and in Indian it is considered unisex.

Aria is also an improbably cool saint's name. Saint Aria (or Arria) of Rome was an early Christian martyr.

# 24 in the US

Aria Rank in US Top 1000

# 77 on Nameberry

Aria Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Aria Popularity

Famous People Named Aria

  • Saint Ariaancient Roman martyr
  • Aria Summer WallaceAmerican actress
  • (Aria) Asia Maria Vittoria Rossa ArgentoItalian actress
  • Aria Noelle CurzonAmerican actress
  • Aria GiovanniAmerican actress and model
  • Aria JohnsonAmerican singer,songwriter
  • Aria AlpertAmerican actress; daughter of bandleader Herb Alpert
  • Aria Grandi (b. 2007)daughter of skier Sara Renner and Thomas Grandi
  • Aria Pettis (b. 2011)daughter of mixed martial artist Anthony Pettis
  • Aria Marie (b. 2012)daughter of YouTuber britneyandbaby
  • Aria Lian Wells (b. 2012)daughter of singer,songwriter Tyrone Wells
  • Aria Autenrieth (b. 2014)daughter of actress and singer Alisan Porter and Brian Autenrieth
  • Aria Idowu (b. 2015)daughter of triple jumper Phillips Idowu
  • Aria Baker (b. 2016)daughter of NFL player Chris Baker
  • Aria Cecilia Kissel (b. 2017)daughter of country singer Brett Kissel

Aria in Pop Culture

  • Aria BlazeCharacter on animated series "Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks"
  • Aria Marie Montgomerycharacter on TV's "Pretty Little Liars"
  • Aria T'Loakcharacter in the Mass Effect video game series
  • Ariacharacter in "Under the Never Sky" by Veronica Rossi
  • Aria Torrescharacter on TV's "Grey's Anatomy"
  • "Aria" manga series by Kozue Amano
  • "Aria of the Sea" novel by Dia Calhoun
  • ARIAacronym for the Australian Recording Industry Association
  • Ariacharacter on Netflix's "Love"
  • Aria Wrayburndeceased sister of Diana Wrayburn, character in The Dark Artifices series

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