GRAY-um (UK); sometimes GRAM (US)
"gravelly homestead"

Graham Origin and Meaning

The name Graham is a boy's name of Scottish, English origin meaning "gravelly homestead".

Well used in England and Scotland since the fifties, the smooth and sophisticated Graham is catching on here.

Among the best known bearers are novelist Graham Greene, racing driver Graham Hill and painter Graham Sutherland, as well as musicians Graham Nash and Parker--and Gram Parsons.

Though long associated with the Scots, Graham actually developed as a surname in England, dating back to the eleventh century. In the UK, it is sometimes spelled Graeme.

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Graham Popularity

Famous People Named Graham

  • Graham AbbeyCanadian actor
  • Graham E. BellAmerican astronomer
  • Graham ChapmanEnglish comedian (Monty Python)
  • Graham GanoAmerican football player
  • (Henry) Graham GreeneEnglish novelist
  • Graham HancockBritish writer and reporter
  • Graham HarrellAmerican football player
  • Graham HillBritish racing driver
  • Graham IngelsAmerican comic book/magazine illustrator
  • Graham ParkerEnglish singer,songwriter
  • Graham Patrick MartinAmerican actor
  • Graham NashEnglish musician of The Hollies and Crosby, Stills & Nash
  • Graham NortonIrish comedian and TV presenter
  • Graham RahalAmerican race car driver
  • Graham SwiftBritish author
  • Graham ElliotAmerican celebrity chef on TV's "MasterChef"
  • Alexander Graham BellScottish inventor of the telephone
  • Graham ZusiAmerican soccer player
  • Graham Waterstonson of actor Sam Waterston
  • Graham Scottson of actor Adam Scott
  • Graham Liston Witherill (b. 2009)son of racing driver Cory Witherill
  • Graham WellesleyEarl of Cowley
  • Lindsey GrahamAmerican politician, senator from South Carolina

Graham in Pop Culture

  • Grahamcharacter from the video game "King's Quest V"
  • Graham Daltoncharacter in"Sex, Lies, and Videotape,"
  • Graham Sandovalcharacter in Lifetime's "The Client List"
  • Graham Hawtreycharacter in film "The Internship"
  • Grahamcharacter on TV's "The 100"
  • Dr. John Graham Brettoncharacter in "Villette" by Charlotte Bronte
  • Graham Eatonfemale character from the movie "But I'm a Cheerleader," played by Clea DuVall
  • Will Grahamcharacter in the TV series "Hannibal"
  • Ashley Grahamcharacter from the video game "Resident Evil 4"
  • Graham crackersa type of cracker confectionery, an ingredient in s'mores

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