Scottish, diminutive of Alice

Allison Origin and Meaning

The name Allison is a girl's name of Scottish origin meaning "noble".

Widely used here since the fifties, Allison -- a derivative of Alice -- has now been once again surpassed by the original Alice as parents embrace vintage revivals. Despite this, Allison's popularity has held strong, and it remains steadily within the Top 100. Allison's status is challenged by up-and-coming "-son" names, from Addison to Emerson. The freshest Allison alternative may be Ellison, which adds the appeal of trendy nickname Ellie as opposed to falling nickname Allie.

# 100 in the US

Allison Rank in US Top 1000

# 952 on Nameberry

Allison Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Allison Popularity

Famous People Named Allison

  • Allison Louise CroweCanadian musician
  • Allison DuboisAmerican psychic
  • Allison IrahetaAmerican singer
  • Allison Brooks JanneyAmerican actress
  • Allison MackAmerican actress
  • Allison MoorerAmerican country singer
  • Allison MunnAmerican actress
  • Allison Glenn ScagliottiAmerican actress
  • Allison WolfeAmerican singer
  • Allison Rose "Alli" SpeedAmerican YouTuber
  • Allison SmithAmerican actress and singer
  • Allison Rodgers SchmittAmerican swimmer and Olympic medalist
  • Allison EdmondsAmerican reality TV star
  • Allison Beth AdlerAmerican TV producer and writer
  • Allison HayesAmerican actress and model
  • Allison Parks(born Gloria Waldron), American model and actress
  • Allison BaverAmerican short track speed skater
  • Allison WilliamsAmerican actress, comedienne, and musician
  • Allison BalsonAmerican actress and singer,songwriter
  • Allison MillerAmerican actress
  • Allison MillerAmerican musician
  • Allison HarvardAmerican model, artist, actress, and Internet celebrity
  • Allison RobertsonAmerican guitarist for rock band "The Donnas"
  • Allison AldersonAmerican beauty queen
  • Allison HossackCanadian actress
  • Allison HolkerAmerican dancer
  • Allison FisherEnglish pro billiards and snooker player
  • Allison MelnickAmerican socialite and TV personality
  • Allison McKenzieScottish actress
  • Allison CratchleyAustralian actress
  • Allison PayneAmerican Emmy winner, anchorwoman, journalist, and public speaker
  • Allison Laura "Alli" MauzeyAmerican actress
  • Allison Marie "Allie" ReyesAmerican actress

Allison in Pop Culture

  • Allison DuBois from television series 'Medium'
  • Allison Marie "Ally" McBealfrom television series 'Ally McBeal'
  • Allison Cameroncharacter in TV's 'House'
  • Allison Argentcharacter in TV's 'Teen Wolf'
  • Allison Quilt Designsa quilt company
  • Allison MacKenziecharacter in the Peyton Place series
  • Allisoncharacter in the movie "Still Waiting..."
  • Allison Hendrixclone in "Orphan Black"
  • Allison Reynoldscharacter in "The Breakfast Club"
  • Rose Allison DinsmoreElsie Dinsmore's step,mother
  • Allisoncharacter in the movie "Hocus Pocus"
  • Allisoncharacter in the web show 'Red vs. Blue'
  • Allison aka "Teacup"a main character from "The 5th Wave" book series by Rick Yancey
  • Allison Hargreeves aka "Number Three" from the Netflix series "The Umbrella Academy"