"town by the pool"

Lincoln Origin and Meaning

The name Lincoln is a boy's name of English origin meaning "town by the pool".

Lincoln cracked the Top 50 for boys' names for the first time in 2016, more than 150 years after the death of its most famous bearer. This is especially remarkable because, as crazy as it seems now, Lincoln was deeply out of fashion as recently as the late 90s, consistently hovering near the bottom of the Top 1000.

This admirable presidential choice with a stylish two-syllable sound projects the tall, rangy, upright, image of Honest Abe. Bill Murray is father to a son named Lincoln, and Kathryn Erbe's boy Carson has Lincoln for his middle name. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard gender-bent it for their daughter.

Lincoln Steffens was an influential muckraking writer, author of The Shame of the Cities. Lincoln is also a Teen Mom name, which may have had some impact, and is a major character on TV's Broad City.

Abraham Lincoln has also been a popular subject of fiction in his own right in recent years, having been the subject of revered short story writer George Saunders' first novel and an Academy Award winning movie by Steven Spielberg.

The nickname Linc has a nice sixties 'Mod Squad' feel.

# 64 in the US

Lincoln Rank in US Top 1000

# 226 on Nameberry

Lincoln Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Lincoln Popularity

Famous People Named Lincoln

  • Lincoln Davenport ChafeeAmerican politician; 74th governor of Rhode Island
  • Lincoln Carter AlmondAmerican politician; 72nd Governor of Rhode Island
  • Lincoln Rafael DiazBalart, U.S. Congressman from Florida
  • Lincoln Clay LewisAustralian actor
  • Lincoln YounesAustralian actor
  • Lincoln EllsworthAmerican polar explorer
  • Lincoln Edward KirsteinAmerican artist; founder of NYC Ballet
  • Lincoln Joseph SteffensAmerican journalist
  • Lincoln ChildAmerican novelist
  • Lincoln Mahanoldest son of Brooke Mahan, co,host on YouTube channel "whatsupmoms"
  • (Tamerlane) Lincoln KennedyJr., American NFL football player and commentator
  • Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal IIIYouTuber of "Rhett & Link"
  • Lincoln Nealson of Lincoln "Link" Neal III
  • Lincoln Bixby Cruz (b. 1995)son of actor Brandon Cruz
  • Lincoln William Holiday Alphin (b. 2005)son of country music singer Big Kenny
  • Lincoln Marshall Marroquin (b. 2013)son of reality TV personalities Javi and Kailyn Lowry Marroquin of "Teen Mom 2"
  • Lincoln William DeSanto (b. 2013)son of reality TV personality Janelle Pierzina ("Big Brother") and Jess DeSanto
  • Lincoln Roy Hoellein (b. 2015)son of American family vlogger Bonnie Hoellein
  • Abraham Lincoln16th President of the United States

Lincoln in Pop Culture

  • Lincoln "Linc" Burrowscharacter on TV's Prison Break
  • Lincoln Hawkmain character in Over the Top, played by Sylvester Stallone
  • Lincoln Leecharacter on TV's "Fringe"
  • Lincolncharacter on TV's "The 100"
  • Lincoln LeeSegal, character in Where'd You Go, Bernadette?
  • Lincolncharacter in What Maisie Knew
  • Lincoln Six Echo/Tom Lincolncharacter in The Island
  • Lincolncharacter on TV's "Broad City"
  • Lincoln "Linc" Hayescharacter on TV's "The Mod Squad"
  • Lincoln "Linc" Casecharacter on TV's "Route 66"
  • Lincoln CampbellInhuman character on TV show Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Lincoln Loudcharacter on animated series "The Loud House"
  • Lincoln Rosariocut character from Broadway musical "In The Heights"
  • Lincoln Rothfemale character in The Smokers
  • LincolnEngland, city from which the name derives
  • Port Lincolncity in South Australia at the lower end of Eyre Peninsula

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