Amelia Origin and Meaning

The name Amelia is a girl's name of German origin meaning "work".

Amelia is one of the hottest girls' names, a successor to the megapopular Emma and Emily. Amelia, which spent several years at Number 1 in England, is now comfortably ensconced in the US Top 10.

Now the most popular girl name starting with A, Amelia is also a Top 10 girls' name in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and Poland. So while Emilia and Emelia are sound-alike names, it's the Amelia version that's on the fast track.

Amelia is derived from the German name Amalia, which in turn is a variation of Amalberga. The root, amal, is a Germanic word meaning "work," and in the context of female given names suggests themes of fertility as well as productivity. Aemilia, the name from which Emily is derived, is unrelated to Amelia.

Kids might associate Amelia with the wacky children's book character Amelia Bedelia, while adults could appreciate it as the eponymous heroine of the Henry Fielding novel. Amelia also appears in novels by Trollope and Thackeray, as a Harry Potter name, and as detective Amelia Peabody in the Elizabeth Peters series. Angelina Jolie played patrol cop Amelia Donaghy in The Bone Collector.

Amelia became a British royal name via the daughters of Kings George II and III. American heroes who have inspired a new generation of namesakes are aviatrix Amelia Earhart and feminist Amelia Bloomer.

Trivia tidbit: Amelia is the birth name of Minnie Driver.

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Amelia Rank in US Top 1000

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Amelia Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Amelia Popularity

Famous People Named Amelia

  • Saint Amelia aka Amalberga of Maubeuge7th century Belgian saint
  • Amelia Mary EarhartAmerican aviator
  • Amelia Jenks BloomerAmerican feminist, popularized "bloomers"
  • Amelia Sophia EleanorPrincess of Great Britain, daughter of King George II
  • AmeliaPrincess of the U.K., daughter of King George III
  • Amelia Calder (Mitchel)wife of British Nelson,era Admiral Sir Robert Calder
  • Amelia Fiona "Minnie" DriverEnglish actress
  • Amelia Heinle LuckinbillAmerican actress
  • Amelia KinkadeAmerican actress
  • Amelia ZirinBrown aka Lady Rizo, American comedienne
  • Amelia Vega (Polanco)Dominican beauty queen, Miss Universe 2003
  • Amelia OkoliNigerian Olympic high jumper
  • Amelia CurranCanadian singer,songwriter
  • Amelia OpieEnglish novelist
  • Amelia Holt AtwaterRhodes, American novelist
  • Amelia Magdalena HundleyAmerican gymnast
  • Amelia Platts Boynton RobinsonAmerican civil rights activist
  • Amelia BullmoreEnglish actress and writer
  • Amelia FletcherEnglish pop singer
  • Amelia Rose BlaireAmerican actress
  • Amelia JonesAmerican art historian and author
  • Amelia AdamsAustralian TV presenter
  • Amelia "Millie" Catherine (Bennett) Warner aka Slow Moving MillieEnglish actress and singer, wife of Irish actor Jamie Dornan
  • Amelia WilsonAmerican swimmer
  • Amelia Lily (Oliver)English pop singer
  • Amelia ZadroAustralian model
  • Amelia Eisenhower Mahondaughter of Susan Eisenhower; granddaughter of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Amelia Warren TyagiAmerican author; daughter of politician Elizabeth Warren
  • Mary Amelia Ingallselder sister of novelist Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Amelia Sophia Theodora Mary Margaret Windsor (b. 1995)daughter of the Earl of St Andrews; great,great,granddaughter of George V; in line to the British throne
  • Amelia Vernon (b. 1996)daughter of ice hockey player Mike Vernon
  • Amelia Gray Hamlin (b. 2001)daughter of actors Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna
  • Amelia Jane Henson (b. 2005)daughter of actress Mia Sara and Brian Henson
  • Amelia Skinner (b. 2009)daughter of rapper Mike Skinner of The Streets
  • Amelia Lucille Francisco (b. 2014)daughter of actors Jason Francisco and Melisa Cantiveros
  • Amelia Rose Andre (b. 2014)daughter of TV presenter Peter Andre
  • Amelia Ann Deen (b. 2018)daughter of American TV chef and personality Bobby Deen

Amelia in Pop Culture

  • "Amelia Bedelia" children's book series by Peggy Parish
  • Amelia "Mia" Thermopolismain character in "The Princess Diaries" series
  • Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruuncharacter in anime "Slayers"
  • Dr. Amelia Shepherdcharacter on TV's "Private Practice" & "Grey's Anatomy"
  • Amelia Jessica "Amy" Pond Williamscharacter on TV's "Doctor Who"
  • Amelia Donaghycharacter in movie "The Bone Collector"
  • "Amelia" novel by Henry Fielding and main character
  • Amelia 'Emmy' Sedley later Osbournecharacter in "Vanity Fair"
  • Ameliacharacter in the "Fire Emblem" video game series
  • Amelia Peabodymain character in books by Elizabeth Peters
  • Amelia Bonetticharacter in 1986 movie "Ginger and Fred"
  • Amelia Louise McBridecharacter in graphic novel series "Amelia Rules!" by Jimmy Gownley
  • Amelia C. Voghtcharacter in X,Men comics
  • "Amelia's Notebook" book series by Marissa Moss
  • "Our Only May Amelia" novel by Jennifer L. Holm
  • Amelia Richardsoncharacter on TV's "Supernatural"
  • Amelia Joffecharacter on soap "General Hospital"
  • Amelia Bones. character from the "Harry Potter" series
  • Amelia Gabblecharacter in Disney's "The AristoCats"
  • Ameliamain character in "In a Heartbeat" by Loretta Ellsworth
  • Ameliacharacter in "Animal Crossing" video game series
  • Ameliacharacter in the "Underworld" series
  • Amelia Cacklecharacter on TV's "The Worst Witch"
  • "Naughty Amelia Jane" novel by Enid Blyton
  • Amelia the Singing Fairycharacter in the "Rainbow Magic" series
  • Ameliacharacter in "The Terminal"
  • Amelia Duckworthcharacter on Disney Channel's "Bizaardvark"
  • Amelia "Amy" Dubanowskicharacter on NBC's "Superstore"
  • "Amelia" song by Tonight Alive
  • "Amelia" song by Joni Mitchell
  • Amelia IslandFlorida, USA
  • Amelia Hughescharacter in the animated series “Infinity Train”

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