Igbo, Sanskrit, Arabic
"grace, immortal, tribe"

Amara Origin and Meaning

The name Amara is a girl's name of Italian, Greek, African origin meaning "grace, immortal, tribe".

Strong, attractive, and stylish, Amara is a true multicultural choice enjoying some popularity in both the US and the UK. In the US Top 1000 since the turn of this century, Amara has been holding steady in the rankings between overly popular and obscure.

Amara is the Italian word for bitter, from the same root as Mary and Miriam. It has separate roots in West Africa as a name that means "grace" in the Igbo language. These two meanings are the best-known, but Amara is also a Sanskrit name meaning "immortal", an Arabic word meaning "tribe" and a Mongolian name meaning "peaceful".

# 123 in the US

Amara Rank in US Top 1000

# 70 on Nameberry

Amara Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Amara Popularity

Famous People Named Amara

  • Amara MillerAmerican actress
  • Amarastage name of Tuwuh Adijatitesih Amaranggana, Indonesian actress
  • Amara KaranBritish actress
  • Amara la Negrastage name of Diana Danelys De Los Santos, American singer and reality TV personality ("Love & Hip,Hop: Miami")
  • Amara Hyde (b. 2005)daughter of TV personality Saira Khan and Steve Hyde

Amara in Pop Culture

  • Amara Aquillaalso known as Magma, character in Marvel Universe
  • Amaraan immortal character on TV's 'The Vampire Diaries'
  • Amara Tenoh aka Sailor Uranuscharacter in manga/anime 'Sailor Moon'
  • Amaracharacter in the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher
  • Amara"The Darkness," character on TV's "Supernatural"
  • AmaraWarden of Hope, card from "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft"
  • Amara Creeddaughter or Adonis Creed and Bianca Taylor in Creed 2