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hipster baby names

by Pamela Redmond Satran

Hipster baby names are an ever-moving class. Once a name gets widely-used enough to be widely pegged a hipster baby names, like many of the choices on this list, it may be too popular to make any true hipster’s baby name list.

And yet when is a baby name hip and when is it just unusual or clunky or antiquated? Let’s look at some specific groups of hipster baby names and specific names that qualify now:

Vintage Hipster baby names

Vintage Hipster Names

Vintage baby names and hipster baby names often meet in the middle….but not always. Here are some vintage names that qualify in the hipster group.




Exotic Hipster baby names

Exotic Hipster Names

International names can qualify as hipster if they’re not trying too hard to be pretty and especially if they’re from an underserved baby name culture like, say, Basque or Welsh or Sanskrit.




Hipster Nature baby names

Hipster Nature Names

Nature names are a delicate thing when it comes to hipsters. You can’t use the obvious nature names like Lily and Fox and Sky. So you have to look further afield. These qualify.




Geek Chic Hipster baby names

Geek Chic Names

Moving beyond Millie and Oscar are these geekier chic hipster baby names.



Hipster Hero Names

Hipster Hero baby names

Real and fictional hip heroes may inspire hipster baby names and namers. A selection of hero names first and last, male and female.

What names would you add, delete, use for your own baby?

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