Ludo Origin and Meaning

The name Ludo is a boy's name meaning "famous".

This cool and quirky short form of the suave Ludovic could be an even-more-adventurous spin on Nico and Hugo.

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Ludo Popularity

Famous People Named Ludo

  • Ludovic "Ludo" CoeckFlemish/Belgian former professional footballer
  • Ludovic "Ludo" LefebvreFrench chef, restaurateur, pop,up impresario, author, and television personality

Ludo in Pop Culture

  • LudoAmerican alternative rock band
  • Ludocharacter from the movie "Labyrinth"
  • Ludocharacter from the "Star vs. the Forces of Evil"
  • Ludovic "Ludo" Bagmancharacter from the Harry Potter series