"most desirable"

Lois Origin and Meaning

The name Lois is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "most desirable".

The eternal fiancee of Superman turned sweet gray-haired lady who's always available to babysit her grandkids turned....hot new baby name?

True to the Hundred Year Rule, Lois is poised to climb the charts again and reprise its heyday in the 1920s. Its choice by Mrs. America, Ballerina Farm momfluencer Hannah Neeleman, is helping ropel it back into style. In the 1920s, Lois was a Top 20 names. Lois stayed in the Top 50 into the 1940's, but dropped off the list completely in 1983.

Lois is actually a New Testament name of Greek origin: she was converted by Paul and was the grandmother of Timothy, who became one of Paul's disciples. Other s-ending names are making a comeback, as is Iris and Louise, so why not Lois?

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Lois Popularity

Famous People Named Lois

  • Lois Eleanor DelanderMiss America 1927
  • Lois LenskiAmerican novelist
  • Lois Bancroft LongAmerican 1920s magazine columnist
  • Lois Ann LowryAmerican novelist
  • (Florence) Lois WeberAmerican actress and film director
  • Lois McMaster BujoldAmerican novelist
  • Lois Ragnhild Grimsrud CappsU.S. Congresswoman from California
  • Lois WilsonAmerican silent film actress
  • Lois Collyer (born Madelyn Earle Jones)American actress
  • Lois JohnsonAmerican country music singer
  • Lois Elsa HoleCanadian politician; 15th Lieut. Governor of Alberta
  • Lois DuncanAmerican novelist
  • Lois June NettletonAmerican actress
  • Lois Ada (Goldberg) LiliensteinCanadian singer of trio Sharon, Lois & Bram
  • Lois Ruth MaxwellCanadian actress
  • Loïs Mailou JonesAmerican painter
  • Lois Moran (born Lois Darlington Dowling)American actress
  • Lois Cleveland ChilesAmerican actress
  • Lois Arlene SmithAmerican actress
  • Lois Jane FrankelU.S. Congresswoman from Florida
  • Lois MeredithAmerican actress
  • Lois Gail LernerAmerican attorney; former IRS director
  • Lois Logan (b. 2012)daughter of athletes Kenny and Gabby Logan; twin of brother Reuben

Lois in Pop Culture

  • Lois Lanecharacter in the "Superman" franchise
  • Lois Patrice Griffincharacter on TV's "Family Guy"
  • Lois WhelanDebra's mother on TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond"
  • Lois Harlancharacter in "The Gingerbread Man"
  • Lois Bailey Flagstonmain character in comic strip "Hi and Lois"
  • Lois Habibacharacter on TV's "Torchwood: Children of Earth"
  • Lois Ellington MorganEllen's mother on TV's "Ellen"
  • Loismother on TV's "Malcolm in the Middle"
  • Loismain character of Margaret Atwood's short story "Death by Landscape"