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Plum Origin and Meaning

The name Plum is a girl's name .

British-born novelist Plum Sykes has taken this rich, fruity name out of the produce section and put it into the baby name basket. It's more appealing than Apple, more presentable than Peaches. The French equivalent, Prune, is very fashionable there but would not fly with English speakers.

Plum Sykes was born Victoria, and her nickname derived from the variety of fruit called the Victoria Plum.

Plum makes an appealing middle name choice--Moon Unit Zappa used it as such for her daughter Matilda. The color of the fruit makes it one of the appropriately amethyst-hued names for Aquarius babies.

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Plum Popularity

Famous People Named Plum

  • Victoria "Plum" SykesBritish,American novelist and socialite
  • Milla Plumdaughter of blogger Miss James of Bleubird Vintage
  • Polly Plumpen name of New Zealand feminist writer Mary Ann Colclough
  • Plumnickname of English male novelist Pelham Grenville "P.G." Wodehouse

Plum in Pop Culture

  • Stephanie Plumbounty hunter protagonist of a series written by Janet Evanovich
  • Professor Plumcharacter in the board game Clue
  • Plum Kitakicharacter from the video game "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney"
  • Nanny Plumcharacter from TV series "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom"
  • Plum Kettleheroine of the novel "Dietland" written by Sarai Walker