"traveler, pilgrim"

Peregrine Origin and Meaning

The name Peregrine is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "traveler, pilgrim".

Peregrine is considered to be an elegantly aristocratic name in England, but has never made it to the U.S., where it has been seen as extravagantly eccentric. In the new naming climate, though, it's not beyond consideration — in fact it's already been chosen by at least one Berry.

The meaning of Peregrine, which was borne by several early saints, relates to the transitory nature of life on earth, having nothing to do with the peregrine falcon. In literature, it is best known from the central character of Tobias Smollett's novel Peregrine Pickle.

Historically, Peregrine was the name chosen for the first English child born in the New World — actually on the Mayflower when it was docked in Provincetown.

And there's always the Mad Men-era nickname Perry to make Peregrine more user-friendly.

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Famous People Named Peregrine

  • Saint Peregrine of AuxerreItalian bishop
  • Saint Peregrine LaziosiItalian patron saint of cancer patients
  • Peregrine Osborne2nd Duke of Leeds
  • Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish12th Duke of Devonshire
  • Peregrine Nicholas Eliot10th Earl of St Germans
  • Peregrine Gerard WorsthorneBritish journalist and broadcaster
  • Peregrine Whitefirst English baby born to the Pilgrims in America
  • Peregrine Bertie13th Baron Willoughby de Eresby
  • Peregrine BertieEnglish MP
  • Peregrine MaitlandBritish soldier, colonial administrator, and cricketer
  • Francis Rory Peregrine "Perry" AndersonBritish essayist and scholar
  • Peregrine Thomas Owen Llewellyn ArmstrongJones, brother of the 1st Earl of Snowdon; brother,in,law of Britain's Princess Margaret
  • Peregrine Charles Morant KitchenerFellowes, son of filmmaker and screenwriter Julian Fellowes

Peregrine in Pop Culture

  • Peregrine "Perry" a main character in Veronica Rossi's "Under the Never Sky" trilogy
  • Peregrin "Pippin" Tookhobbit character in the Lord of the Rings series
  • Peregrine Falcona bird species