English, diminutive of Edward
"wealthy guardian"

Ned Origin and Meaning

The name Ned is a boy's name of English origin meaning "wealthy guardian".

Ned is a gently old-fashioned Nancy Drew-Bobbsey Twins-era short form for Edward that sounds cooler than Ed and is enjoying a small style renaissance.

Usage of Ned in literature goes back to a Ben Johnson character in 1614, and it is also the name of the protagonist in James Fenimore Cooper's Ned Myers. In Australia, Ned Kelly is famous as a larger-than-life legendary outlaw figure. In this country, Ned Rorem is a respected modern composer.

There was a 1990s sitcom called Ned and Stacey, and other Neds have appeared in The Simpsons (neighbor Flanders), Groundhog Day and School of Rock. Ned Stark is a prominent, and unusually heroic, character in Game of Thrones, giving the name some new cultural cache, though we can't recommend using his proper name, Eddard.

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Ned Popularity

Famous People Named Ned

  • Ned RoremAmerican composer
  • Ned Payne AustinAmerican actor
  • Edward "Ned" KellyAustralian bushranger and folk hero
  • Edward Hugh "Ned" HanlonAmerican basebal player
  • Ned Rocknroll (born Abel Smith)nephew of Richard Branson, husband of actress Kate Winslet
  • Edgar Frederick "Ned" Yost IIIAmerican baseball player and manager
  • Ned WashingtonAmerican lyricist
  • Ned Thomas BeattyAmerican actor
  • Ned JarrettAmerican NASCAR driver
  • Ned EisenbergAmerican actor
  • Ned FulmerAmerican actor and director for Buzzfeed
  • Ned HepburnAmerican writer and blogger
  • Edward Miner "Ned" LamontAmerican businessman and politician
  • Nusyn "Ned" GlassPolish,American actor
  • Ned BellamyAmerican actor
  • Edmund "Ned" Foleyson of actor Dave Foley

Ned in Pop Culture

  • Nedward "Ned" Flanderscharacter on TV's "The Simpsons"
  • Eddard "Ned" Starkcharacter in the Game of Thrones series
  • Ned Ryersoncharacter in movie "Groundhog Day"
  • Ned Dorseymain character on TV's "Ned & Stacey"
  • Ned the Pie Makermain character on TV's "Pushing Daisies"
  • Ned Bigbycharacter on TV's "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide"
  • Ned Nickersonboyfriend in the Nancy Drew series
  • Nedcharacter on TV's "The Tribe"
  • Ned Dornegetcharacter on TV's "NCIS"
  • Ned Gerblanskycharacter in the television series South Park
  • Ned Landcharacter in book/film "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea"
  • Ned Nederlanderone of the "Three Amigos"
  • Ned Plimptoncharacter in the film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  • Ned Quartermainecharacter on American soap "General Hospital"
  • Ned Rydercharacter in Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited"
  • Ned Schneeblycharacter in the 2003 film School of Rock
  • Nedwin "Ned" character in the book series "Beyonders: A World Without Heroes"
  • Ned Bankscharacter on TV's "Ghost Whisperer"
  • Ned Parkercharacter on Australian soap "Neighbours"
  • Edward "Ned" Leedscharacter in the movie "Spider,Man: Homecoming"
  • Ned Henrymain character of Connie Willis's novel "To Say Nothing of the Dog"
  • "Ned's Newt" Canadian animated series
  • "The Misfortune of Being Ned" animated web series
  • "Waking Ned Devine" 1998 Irish film
  • NedScottish derogatory term for hooligans, louts or criminals