Norwegian, Finnish, German, and Dutch variation of Timothy
"honoring God"

Timo Origin and Meaning

The name Timo is a boy's name of German, Finnish origin meaning "honoring God".

Popular in its own right in Germany and definitely makes a more intriguing and grownup short form of the classic Timothy than Timmy or even Tim.

Timo Popularity

Famous People Named Timo

  • Timo GlockGerman racing driver
  • Timo RäisänenSwedish musician
  • Timo RöttgerGerman footballer
  • Timo Jussi PenttiläFinnish architect
  • Timo SeppänenFinnish ice hockey player
  • Timo MaasGerman DJ
  • Timo BeermannGerman footballer

Timo in Pop Culture

  • Timo Mendescharacter from the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe
  • Timo Proudgypsy boy character on the show The Finder