Diminutive of Augustus, Angus, Gustave, Augustin, Augusten, Augustine, August
"one strength"

Gus Origin and Meaning

The name Gus is a boy's name of Irish origin.

Gus is a homey grandpa nickname name that can work as a short form for any of the above or stand on its own as a cutting-edge replacement for Max and Jake--though it was off the Top 1000 from 1978 until 2016, when it squeaked in at Number 999.

Gus was chosen for their sons by Dixie Chick Emily Robison and actress Julie Bowen. In T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (and in the stage musical), the full name of Gus the Theatre Cat is Asparagus.

# 994 in the US

Gus Rank in US Top 1000

# 256 on Nameberry

Gus Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Gus Popularity

Famous People Named Gus

  • Augustus "Gus" KenworthyAmerican skier
  • Augustus "Gus" Morgan (b. 2010)son of actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton
  • August "Gus" Jaeger (b. 2010)son of actors Sam and Amber Jaeger
  • Gus Williams Dodson (b. 2014)son of actors Ashley Williams and Neal Dodson
  • Jules Augustus "Gus" Robertsonadopted son of TV personalities Jep and Jessica Robertson ("Duck Dynasty")
  • Gus Sanford (b. 2014)son of actress Poppy Montgomery and Shawn Sanford
  • Gus Schiffson of actors Richard Schiff and Sheila Kelley

Gus in Pop Culture

  • Captain Augustus "Gus" McCraefrom "Lonesome Dove"
  • Gusthe mouse from Disney's "Cinderella"
  • Burton "Gus" Guster IIfrom TV show "Psych"
  • Augustus "Gus" Waters from "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green
  • Gustavo "Gus" Fringfrom the television series "Breaking Bad"
  • Gus Griswaldone of the main characters from Disney's "Recess"
  • Gus Pikecharacter from TV's "Road to Avonlea"
  • Gus Grisbyfrom the movie "Free Willy: Escape from Pirate Cove"
  • Gus from the television series "Queer As Folk"
  • Gus Grissomfrom movie "That Thing You Do"
  • Gus Hartcharacter in "The Sims 3" computer game
  • Guscharacter on TV's "Mighty Med"
  • Gus Cruikshanklead character on Netflix's "Love"
  • Gus Matthewsmain character in "The Benchwarmers"
  • Costas "Gus" Portokaloscharacter from the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

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