Avis Origin and Meaning

The name Avis is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "bird".

Avis is a bird name that's been in hibernation for awhile, possibly due to the car rental association, but it could make a return on the wings of Ava. Baldwin brother Daniel chose it for his daughter.

Avis Everhard is the fictional narrator of the Jack London dystopian novel The Iron Heel. In the Harry Potter books, Avis is not a character, but a spell.

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Avis Popularity

Famous People Named Avis

  • Avis BunnageEnglish actress
  • Avis MacVicar DeVotoAmerican cookbook editor and close friend of chef Julia Child
  • Avis Thayer Bohlen32nd U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria
  • Avis FavaroCanadian TV medical correspondent
  • Avis KimbleAmerican model
  • Avis MillerAmerican model
  • Avis TuckerAmerican newspaper publisher
  • Avis Stearns Van WagenenAmerican businesswoman of E. C. Stearns
  • Avis Ann Baldwindaughter of Daniel Baldwin & Joanne Smith

Avis in Pop Culture

  • AvisNorwegian word for newspaper
  • AvisU.S. rental car company founded by Warren E. Avis
  • Avis Everhardnarrator of Jack London's "The Iron Heel"