German form of Maurice

Moritz Origin and Meaning

The name Moritz is a boy's name of German origin meaning "dark-skinned".

The unusual-to-the-English-ear Moritz is a Top 25 name in Germany and Austria and a form of Maurice or Morris, which are modern variations of the ancient Roman Maurus. There were several early saints named Maurus and a famous 3rd century Saint Maurice, who was a Roman infantryman who was martyred when he refused to worship Roman gods. The Moritz form also references the posh Swiss ski resort St. Moritz.

Moritz Popularity

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Famous People Named Moritz

  • Moritz (or Maurice)Prince of Anhalt,Dessau, son of Leopold I
  • Moritz Franz Friedrich Constantin Alexander Heinrich August Carl AlbrechtPrince of Saxe,Altenburg; son of Duke Georg
  • Moritz SteinschneiderCzech bibliographer and Orientalist
  • Moritz MoszkowskiGerman composer and pianist
  • Moritz Johann BleibtreuGerman actor
  • (Friedrich Albert) Moritz SchlickGerman philosopher
  • Moritz Wilhelm BöhringerGerman NFL player
  • Moritz VolzGerman footballer
  • (Victor) Moritz "Moe" WagnerGerman basketball player
  • Moritz Horst LampertGerman golfer
  • Moritz Johannes Axel Peter Meinrad (b. 1980)son of Prince Ferfried of Hohenzollern
  • Moritz Otto Wenzel Douglas (b. 1994)Swedish count; son of Archduchess Walburga Habsburg Douglas
  • Moritz Emanuel Maria (b. 2003)Prince of Liechtenstein; grandson of Hans,Adam II

Moritz in Pop Culture

  • Moritz Stiefelmain character in Broadway musical "Spring Awakening"