Hebrew, Russian
"heart; lion"

Lev Origin and Meaning

The name Lev is a boy's name of Hebrew, Russian origin meaning "heart; lion".

This concise one-syllable name, has two possible derivations and two positive meanings associated with it. In Hebrew, it means "heart", while in Russian it means "lion". So strong and simple Lev has both a soft and a fierce side.

Lev is very uncommon in the US, ranking below the Top 1000, but feels eminently wearable thanks to similar names like Levi and Zev. It's a popular choice in Russia and the Netherlands, ranking in or around the Top 100 in both nations.

The leonine Lev is the Russian birth name of the great novelist Tolstoy, and the mother of Liev Schreiber has stated that she named him in honor of the writer. In the Chaim Potok novel My Name is Asher Lev, about a Hasidic Jewish boy in New York, Lev is the character's surname.

Actress Candace Cameron has a son she named Lev.

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Famous People Named Lev

  • Lev Nikolayevich "Leo" TolstoyRussian novelist
  • Lev Davidovich Bronshteinbirth name of Soviet leader Leon Trotsky
  • Lev Lvovich Sedovson of Leon Trotsky
  • Lev Davidovich LandauAzerbaijani Soviet physicist and Nobel prize winner
  • Lev Semyonovich VygotskyBelorussian psychologist
  • Lev GrossmanAmerican novelist and journalist
  • Lev Ivanovich YashinRussian football goalkeeper
  • Lev Matveyevich VainshteinRussian Olympic shooter
  • Lev L. SpiroAmerican film and TV director
  • Lev Avnerovich LevievUzbek,Israeli businessman and philanthropist
  • Lev Vladimirovich KuleshovRussian film director and theorist
  • Lev Borisovich KamenevRussian revolutionary and Soviet leader
  • Lev Osipovich AlburtRussian chess grandmaster and writer
  • Lev Valerievich Bure (b. 2000)son of actress Candace Cameron Bure and Valeri Vladimirovich Bure
  • Lev Rapace (b. 2003)son of actress Noomi Rapace
  • Mateo Lev Colicchio (b. 2011)son of chef Tom Colicchio

Lev in Pop Culture

  • Levi Jedediah "Lev" Caldercharacter in "Unwind" by Neal Shusterman
  • Lev Shapirocharacter in 2013 film "Frances Ha"
  • Lev Haibacharacter in the anime "Haikyuu!!"
  • Lev Shultscharacter in Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Eye of the Heron"