Nature name
"dweller in open country"

Field Origin and Meaning

The name Field is a boy's name .

More unusual than Forest or Forrest, Field is a nature name that is simple, evocative, and fresh--sort of the male equivalent of Meadow.

Field and Fields are both relatively common surnames, noted bearers including department store owner Marshall Field, poet Eugene Field (Wynken, Blynken and Nod) and actress Sally. Those with the plural include W.C. Fields, cookie company founder Debbi, and entertainers Gracie and Kim Fields.

Fielding is a very usable extension.

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Famous People Named Field

  • Field Adrianus CateAmerican actor/musician, lead singer and guitarist of Fencer
  • Field YatesAmerican sports reporter

Field in Pop Culture

  • "Field of Dreams" 1989 film
  • Field Spanieldog breed