Diminutive of Arthur
"noble one; bear man"

Art Origin and Meaning

The name Art is a boy's name of English, Celtic origin meaning "noble one; bear man".

Though short and brisk, no nickname name could have a more creative image. Comic actor Chris O'Dowd named his son Art, as in his native Ireland it's used as a name on its own, separate from Arthur., coming from an ancient word for ""a bear,"" and used in the sense of ""outstanding warrior"" or ""champion."" A pagan High King of Ireland, Art’s rule was so honest that two angels hovered over him in battle.

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Famous People Named Art

  • Arthur Ira "Art" GarfunkelAmerican singer,songwriter of duo Simon & Garfunkel
  • Arthur William "Art" BellAmerican radio personality
  • Arthur "Art" BlakeyAmerican jazz musician
  • Arthur "Art" BoileauCanadian long,distance runner
  • Arthur "Art" BuchwaldAmerican humorist
  • Arthur William Matthew "Art" CarneyAmerican actor/comedian
  • Arthur James "Art" DonovanAmerican football player
  • Art Spiegelman (born Itzhak Avraham ben Zeev)American cartoonist
  • Arthur "Art" EggletonCanadian Senator
  • Arthur Stewart "Art" FarmerAmerican jazz trumpeter and flugelhorn player
  • Arthur Henry "Art" HoweAmerican baseball player, coach and manager
  • Art Imlechlegendary High King of Ireland
  • Art mac Cuinnlegendary High King of Ireland
  • Art mac Lugdachlegendary High King of Ireland
  • Arthur Morris "Art" JacksonCanadian ice hockey player
  • James Arthur "Art" MonkAmerican football player
  • Arthur Gordon "Art" LinkletterAmerican television presenter
  • Athar ulHaque "Art" Malik, Pakistani,born British actor
  • Arthur Edward "Art" PepperAmerican jazz alto saxophonist
  • Arthur Joseph "Art" RooneyAmerican owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Arthur Howey "Art" RossCanadian ice hockey player and executive
  • Arthur "Art" TatumAmerican jazz pianist
  • Art Smithcelebrity chef
  • Art O'Dowd (b. 2015)son of Irish actor Chris O'Dowd

Art in Pop Culture

  • Art Frankelcharacter in the movie "Fetching Cody"