"of the mind, intellect"

Minerva Origin and Meaning

The name Minerva is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "of the mind, intellect".

Minerva is the long-neglected name of the Roman goddess of wisdom and invention, the arts and martial strength, one of the mythology names for girls that might appeal to adventurous feminist parents. With Juno and Jupiter, she made the Capitoline triad, whose worship was at the very center of Roman religion.

Minerva Pott is a character in Dickens's novel Pickwick Papers. In Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall is a Witch and Deputy Headmistress of Hogswarts, and in the Artemis Fowl books, Minerva Paradizo is equally intellectual. There's also a series of kids' mystery books centering around a Minerva Clark.

Minerva was a Top 500 name through the early 1920s, last appearing on the list in 1973. It's well liked on Nameberry though—currently at Number 417. Nickname Minnie fits right in with the other currently stylish vintage nickname names. Curiously, though, actress Minnie Driver was not born Minerva, but Amelia.

# 947 in the US

Minerva Rank in US Top 1000

# 300 on Nameberry

Minerva Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Minerva Popularity

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Famous People Named Minerva

  • Minerva UrecalAmerican actress
  • Minerva TeichertAmerican painter
  • Minerva Josephine ChapmanAmerican painter
  • Minerva CuevasMexican conceptual artist
  • Minerva Parker NicholsAmerican architect
  • Minerva PiousAmerican actress
  • Minerva MendezAmerican actress
  • Minerva VazquezAmerican reality TV contestant on "The Next Great Baker"
  • Ida Minerva TarbellAmerican muckraking journalist
  • Minerva MirabalDominican activist

Minerva in Pop Culture

  • Minerva "Minnie" Swidtcharacter in "Christmas After All"
  • MinervaRoman goddess of wisdom
  • Minerva McGonagallcharacter in the Harry Potter series
  • Owl of Minervasymbol used by the Illuminati
  • Minerva "Min" Greenin "Why We Broke Up" by Daniel Handler
  • Minerva Clarkprotagonist in the series by Karen Karbo
  • Minerva Louisein a children's book series by Janet Stoeke
  • Minervaugly stepsister in Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella"
  • Minerva Minkcharacter in animated series "Animaniacs"
  • Minerva "Mini" McGuinnesscharacter on TV's "Skins"
  • Minerva Orlandcharacter in the anime/manga "Fairy Tail"
  • Minerva Edith 'Minnie' Donovancharacter in television soap opera 'Prisoner Cell Block H'
  • James Ratri aka William Minervacharacter in the manga/anime series "The Promised Neverland"

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