Anahita Origin and Meaning

The name Anahita is a girl's name of Persian origin meaning "immaculate".

Anahita is the name of the water goddess who rules, among other things, fertility and wisdom. Associated with Venue, Anahita is a stylish Iranian name for girls.

Anahita was derived from the Old Iranian elements an and āhita, meaning "not" and "dirty, unclean" respectively.

Anahita Popularity

Famous People Named Anahita

  • Anahita Nemati (actress)
  • Anahita Hemmati (actress)
  • Anahita Ghazvinizadeh (filmmaker)
  • Anahita Afshar (actress)
  • Anahita Razmi (artist)
  • Anahita Nazemi (producer)
  • Anahita Dhondy (chef)