Viggo Origin and Meaning

The name Viggo is a boy's name of Scandinavian origin meaning "war".

Though to most Americans Viggo is a one-person name attached to intense actor Mortensen, it is actually an old Norse name dating back to the Vikings, and is currently the 32nd most popular appellation in Sweden. Viggo Mortensen is a Jr., sharing his name with his Danish father.

We think this name is so, well, vigorous, that it might appeal to others as well. Taylor and Natalie Hanson seemed to agree when they chose it for their fourth child.

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Viggo Popularity

Famous People Named Viggo

  • Viggo Peter MortensenJr., Danish,American actor, poet, musician, photographer and painter
  • Viggo Olfert Fischer KampmannPrime Minister of Denmark
  • (Harald) Viggo HansteenNorwegian politician
  • Viggo BrunNorwegian mathematician
  • Viggo Christensenfirst Lord Mayor of Copenhagen
  • Viggo Moriah Hanson (b. 2008)son of American musician Taylor Hanson
  • Viggo Sebastian Turnbull (b. 2017)son of actress Nadia Bjorlin and husband Grant Turnbull

Viggo in Pop Culture

  • Viggo Grimborn from the Dragons: Race to the Edge series