Unique Names That Start With Em

Unique Names That Start With Em

Names that start with Em have been a consistent presence around the top of the US baby name charts since the early 90s, when Emily entered the Top 10 for girls and Emma rose into the Top 100 for the first time since the 1940s.

Since, then hundreds of thousands of American baby girls have been given one of these eternally appealing names, with that warm Em syllable a central part of their appeal.

There are now seven girl names that start with Em in the Top 200, led by longtime #1 Emma, which was only recently ousted by Olivia as the most popular girl name in the US.

Along with Emma and Emily, other popular Em girl names include Emilia, Emery, Emersyn, Ember and Emerson.

And the boys are following suit! Emmett, Emiliano, Emmanuel and Emilio all rank among the Top 200 most popular names in the US right now.

Unusual Names That Start With Em

If you love the warm, friendly Em sound but not the popularity of the most obvious candidates, don’t despair!

There’s still a wealth of uncommon alternatives to consider – ranging from underused traditional names like Emmeline and Emeric, to unique international gems like Emiko and Emirhan.

Some of these intriguing Em names have a long history of use in their places of origin, but remain little known elsewhere.

Emer (also spelled Eimear, meaning “swift”) is a name from Irish legend, wife of the warrior hero Cúchulainn, which has proved consistently popular in Ireland.

And Embla “elm”, the first woman in Norse legend, is in Iceland’s Top 10 and rising fast in Sweden.

Emre “friend” is one of the most popular Turkish male names, a Top 10 choice there from 1990 to 2004, and still inside the Top 100 today.

And the West African name Emeka “great deeds” is commonly used both on its own and as a short form of another popular Igbo name, Chukwuemeka “God has done something great”.

Here is a selection of unusual Em baby names that feel appealing yet unexpected in the US today.

Rare Girl Names That Start with Em

Rare Boy Names That Start with Em

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