Unique Twin Names

May 24, 2020 Pamela Redmond
unique twin names

Naming twins might be one of the biggest challenges and greatest pleasures for a baby namer — and finding unique twin names can make that challenge all the more daunting.

Many parents naming twins default to the obvious choices from the most popular names list, like Emma and Eva or Jackson and Jonathan. And popular twin names offer many advantages.

But what if you want unique twin names that are connected and compatible yet not too obvious or cutesy? Meaning: Jupiter and Mars, no; Jupiter and Juniper, still no. But Jupiter and Freya? Now you’re talking.

What are you cleverest, most creative ideas for unique names for twins?

Give us names for two girls, two boys, or a mixed set, as long as they’re unique and fun. And if the connection isn’t obvious, enlighten us!

Here are some of the best ideas for rare and uncommon twin names from your responses (plus a few of my own):

Uncommon Twin Girl Names

Felicity & Ilaria

Guinevere & Rosamund

Octavia & Opal

Bethia & Giselle

Hermione & Matilda

Clementine & Serena

Milena & Valentina

Danica & Vega

Jessamine & Susannah

Clio & Leda

Luna & Seren

Unique Boy Twin Names

Jude & Reuben

Maxwell & Magnus

Pax & Inca

Harrison & Indiana

Soren & Stellan

Rare Girl-Boy Twin Names

Isabel & Blaise (anagrams of each other)

Arlo & Joan (folk singers!)

Cressida & Idris

Beatrix & Felix

Ivy & Onyx

Aurelia & Orlando

Pandora & Sinbad

Talinda & Chester

Frida & Diego

Unique Unisex Names for Twins

Halo & Hero

Pax & Perry

Spencer & Sander

Wylie & Wren

Bowie & Lennon

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