Unique Twin Names to Inspire!


Finding beautiful and unique twin names that feel well matched but not too matchy can feel like a daunting task.

Naming twins is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges (and greatest pleasures) facing a baby namer – although our Ultimate Guide to Twin Names is a great place to start!

Many parents naming twins take inspiration from the most popular names list. Some of the most common combinations for twins today consist of modern classics like Olivia and Sophia for girls, Biblical favorites like Elijah and Isaiah for boys, and same-initial pairings like Ava and Aiden for girl-boy twins. And popular twin names do offer many advantages.

But what if you want unique twin names that are connected and compatible yet not too obvious or cutesy? Meaning: Jupiter and Juno, no. Jupiter and Juniper, still no. But Jupiter and Calypso? Now you’re talking!

Here are some original ideas for unique twin names to inspire you. All of these pairings share some connection – whether in meaning, origin, spelling or associations – but all work just as well individually as they do together. And, crucially, none of these names ranks within the current US Top 1000.


Unusual Twin Girl Names

Arrietty & Lavender – names from children’s books

Clover & Saffron – quirky botanical names

Guinevere & Rosamund – names from legendary romances

Marta & Tamar – anagram names

Paloma & Jemima – both mean “dove”

Rhiannon & Tallulah – names from songs

Seren & Vesper – sleek names meaning “star”

Tabitha & Hermione — fictional witch names

Una & Nessa – mean “one” and “two”

Zelda & Zinnia – retro Z names


Uncommon Twin Boy Names

Abner & Meyer – both mean “light”

Aziz & Zaki – Arabic names with virtue meanings

Calder & Conran – artistic C surnames

Constantine & AurelianRoman emperor names

Django & Fitz – cool jazz names

Eben & Boaz – 4-letter Biblical names

Elio & Sol – both mean “sun”

Kuiper & Altair – celestial names

Orson & Roscoe – vintage names with animal meanings

Ravello & Caruso — Italian opera names


Unique Girl-Boy Twin Names

Amity & Valor – 5-letter virtue names

Art & Etta – jazzy nicknames

Cordelia & Valentine – Shakespearean names

Florin & Avalon – fictional place names

Jupiter & Calypso – quirky mythology names

Luan & Zira – both mean “moon”

Mercury & Peridot – rare mineral names

Oberon & Ottilie – unexpected O names

Priya & Sajan – Hindi names meaning “love”

Tamsin & Tavish – both derive from Thomas, meaning “twin”


Cool Unisex Names for Twins

Auburn & Indigo – color names

Bergen & Juneau – city names

Bly & Poe – 3-letter literary surnames

Cedar & Hollis – tailored tree names

Everest & Denali – mountain names

Innes & Adair – Scottish surnames

Pax & Zen – 3-letter names with peaceful meanings

Radley & Rivers – literary R surnames

Shai & Lior – 4-letter Hebrew names

Tully & Ennis – Irish surname and place names

For more uncommon and unique baby name inspiration, check out Nameberry’s Unique Names homepage here.

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