Sister Names Share Style

Sister Names Share Style

Finding sister names is a fun challenge — you want names for your daughters that hit the sweet spot between distinct, individuated names and those that are overly matched.

We recommend choosing sister names with similar style, but there are many questions to consider from there: Should your daughters share a first initial? Do you want sibling names that are classic or trendy? Androgynous or feminine? Names that are common, ultra-rare, or somewhere in between? And more and more!

It’s a lot to think about, so to help, we’ve gathered top sister names from the US Top 100, as well as unique sets of sister names and our favorite celebrity examples:

Popular Sister Names

Popular names for sisters are well-coordinated. Some match in sound, like Kennedy and Kinsley. Others follow a theme — Aurora and Luna are goddesses associated with the sky, Genesis and Serenity are both spiritual word names.

But all pairs are alike in style, which is the most important factor to consider when it comes to naming siblings. Cohesive style is what makes sister names sound like they belong together. Who would you predict are sisters — Sofia and Camila, or Sofia and Quinn? The former, of course, because Sofia and Camila are stylistically coordinated.

The top sister names rank within the US Top 100. These are among our favorite combinations for sisters:

Amelia & Charlotte

Aurora & Luna

Avery & Riley

Claire & Nora

Eleanor & Evelyn

Ellie & Lucy

Everly & Harper

Gabriella & Valentina

Genesis & Serenity

Hazel & Willow

Ivy & Ruby

Kennedy & Kinsley

Nova & Stella

Olivia & Sophia

Sadie & Sophie

Unique Sister Names

Unique sister names follow the same principles as popular sister names. They can match in sound (Tabitha and Tallulah), or even a theme (Bronwen and Rhiannon — heroines of Welsh legend, or Carmella and Marcella — anagrams!), but above all else, they should cohere in style.

There are infinite combinations of unique sister names, but we’ve chosen some of the best from outside the Top 1000:

Andie & Georgie

Asha & Petra

Avalon & Elowen

Betty & Polly

Blue & Harbor

Bronwen & Rhiannon

Calypso & Nephele

Campbell & Hollis

Carmella & Marcella

Citlali & Luana

Fern & Ida

Kensington & Ireland

Marigold & Mirabelle

Susanna & Winifred

Tabitha & Tallulah

Best Celebrity Sister Names

Celebrity sister names offer great models of style coordination in the real world. Bar Refaeli’s Liv and Elle each have cool mini-names, and Jessica Alba’s Honor and Haven were given virtuous word names beginning with H — although they start with a different sound, which prevents them from being overly matched.

These are some of our favorite examples of sister names from the celebrisphere:

Atlas Noa & Rome — Shay Mitchell & Matte Babel

Bernadette Rosemary & Ira Dorothy — Molly Yeh & Nick Hagen

Blue Ivy & Rumi — Beyoncé & Jay-Z

Cali Clay & Cassie Snow — Chanel Iman & Sterling Shepard

Cielo Yoli Rose & Vida Amber Betty — Luisana Lopilato & Michael Bublé

Edie & Delilah — Keira Knightley & James Righton

Felicity Nicole & Evangeline Jo — Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo

Honor & Haven — Jessica Alba & Cash Warren

Jett & Ray — Lisa Ling & Paul Song

Kensli & Marli — Kirsten Corley & Chance the Rapper

Liv & Elle — Bar Refaeli & Adi Ezra

Philomena Bijou, Domenica Celine, & Giovanna Ines — Daphne Oz & John Jovanovic

What would you name sisters — or what are your daughters named? Join the discussion on our forums.

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