Hebrew, diminutive of Jason
"the Lord is salvation"

Jace Origin and Meaning

The name Jace is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "the Lord is salvation".

Jace may sound like only half a name -- it's usually pronounced like the first half of Jason though some may consider it a spelling-out of the initials J. C. -- but it's a popular choice for baby boys. Jace has been heard on such TV shows as Teen Mom 2 and Duck Dynasty.

# 110 in the US

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Jace Popularity

Famous People Named Jace

  • Jace EverettAmerican singer
  • Jace NormanAmerican actor
  • Jason "Jace" AlexanderAmerican actor/director
  • Jace HallAmerican film producer
  • Jace Branden AgolliAmerican reality TV personality of "Big Brother 17"
  • Reynaldo "Jace" Chanco FloresAmerican reality TV personality of "Survivor: Philippines"
  • Jace LasekCanadian musician of band The Besnard Lakes
  • Jace RichdaleAmerican television writer
  • Jace SaylerAmerican NFL football player
  • Jace Jordan AmaroAmerican NFL football player
  • Jayson "Jace" Smith (b. 2000)son of rappers Remy Ma and Sinsay
  • Jace Howard (b. 2001)son of basketball player Juwan Howard
  • Jace Vahn Evans (b. 2009)son of reality TV personality Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2"
  • Jace Crede (b. 2009)son of baseball player Joe Crede
  • Jace Hefner (b. 2010)son of baseball player Jeremy Hefner
  • Zander Jace Martin (b. 2012)son of guitarist Billy Martin of Good Charlotte
  • Jace Joseph Caussin (b. 2018)son of country music singer and actress Jana Kramer & former American football player Mike Caussin
  • Jace River Ingham (b. 2019)son of vloggers Chris and Sarah Ingham

Jace in Pop Culture

  • Jonathan Christopher "Jace" Lightwood/Herondalecharacter in the Mortal Instruments series and TV's "Shadowhunters"
  • Jason "Jace" Garrettcharacter in "My Life Next Door" by Huntley Fitzpatrick
  • Jace Belerencharacter in trading card game "Magic: The Gathering"
  • Jace Allencharacter in The Flash comics
  • Jace Turnercharacter on TV's "The Gifted"
  • Jacecharacter in animated series "Space Stars"
  • Jacecharacter in 1964 film "Mail Order Bride"
  • Jacecharacter in "The Five Kingdoms" series by Brandon Mull