neh-VAY-uh or nuh-VAY-uh
Modern invented name

Nevaeh Origin and Meaning

The name Nevaeh is a girl's name .

Nevaeh: an already bold word name with the unusual twist of being spelled backwards; a nightmare for those who love traditional, classic names; a divisive option on name forums across the internet; and a spelling and pronunciation that aren’t quite intuitive at first glance.

Nevaeh has a lot stacked against it, and yet it’s maintained a surprising level of popularity and unexpected longevity in recent years.

Given to just a tiny handful of babies before the 2000’s, Neveah shot up the US charts in 2001, after singer Sonny Sandoval from the rock group P.O.D used it for his daughter. He introduced the name during an MTV appearance, with the explanation that it was heaven spelled backward.

An edgy, celebrity-style choice, fitting for the daughter of a rockstar – but what was it about Nevaeh that made it catch on in the non-celeb world and what has kept it in the US Top 100 since 2004?

Perhaps it’s simply the heavenly meaning, made more discreet and name-y by spelling it in reverse.

Perhaps it’s the fact that visually, it bears resemblance to classic Biblical names, such as Hannah, Leah, or Sarah, while also feeling new and on trend.

Maybe it’s the popular end sound or the similarity it bears to other favorites – both from the 2000’s and from now. Reminiscent of Savannah, Ava, Avery, Delilah, Aaliyah, and Kayla, it feels less surprising perhaps, that Nevaeh appealed in 2001 and holds sway now.

Alternatively, Neveah may have been brought to people’s attention because it was so often discussed on forums across the internet. As a result, it likely showed up in searches when parents were looking for baby names and they might have just liked the sound of it.

Whatever the reasons, Neveah certainly caught parents’ eyes and its popularity spread across other English-speaking countries, including Canada, Australia, and the UK.

In the last decade Nevaeh has seen a steady decline in use, and while it is still given to over 2000 babies in the US each year, newer favorites such as Nova, Luna, Ayla, and Aurora have pushed it back.

What the future holds for Nevaeh is uncertain then, but its rise to fame demonstrates the power of a pop culture association and the possibility of modern, invented names to become mainstream.

# 118 in the US

Nevaeh Rank in US Top 1000

# 1060 on Nameberry

Nevaeh Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Nevaeh Popularity

Famous People Named Nevaeh

  • Nevaehring name of Beth Vocke, American pro wrestler
  • Alexxis Nevaehformer ring name of Alisha Edwards, American pro wrestler
  • Nevaeh Sandoval (b. 2000)daughter of musician Sonny Sandoval
  • Nevaeh Tot (b. 2003)daughter of basketball player Helen Darling and Orlando Tot; triplet of brothers JaJuan and Jalen
  • Nevaeh McCoy (b. 2006)daughter of NFL player Gerald McCoy
  • Nevaeh Lynn Fairman (b. 2009)daughter of reality TV personality Valerie Fairman of "16 and Pregnant"
  • Nevaeh Cleverley (b. 2013)daughter of footballer Tom Cleverley
  • Nevaeh Adelyn May Reimer (b. 2017)daughter of hockey player James Reimer

Nevaeh in Pop Culture

  • Nevaehstage name taken by contestant Heather Crawford on TV's "Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School"
  • Nevaeh Collinsso,called daughter of Trish on TV's "Recovery Road"
  • "Nevaeh" 2011 album by American experimental rock band Design the Skyline
  • "Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A" ("A Place In Heaven")song by Prince