Italian color name
"orange red"

Sienna Origin and Meaning

The name Sienna is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "orange red".

Sienna has been a Top 100 choice in England & Wales since 2005, the year after Sienna Miller's acting breakthrough in the hit movies Alfie and Layer Cake. In the US, it also got a big boost in the early noughties, before dropping slightly then rebounding to reach an all-time high in 2022.

Now the name Sienna has gotten maybe its biggest boost of all when it was announced as the name of the daughter of Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. The royal baby, born in 2021, is named Sienna Elizabeth. Cable newsperson Campbell Brown also chose Sienna for her daughter, as did Kevin James.

The historic Tuscan city is spelled Siena, but the Sienna spelling is the one used recently by Princess Beatrice for her daughter. Sienna, also the spelling used by American-born English actress Miller, is more popular than Siena in the English-speaking world.

The city of Siena is said to have been founded by Senius and Aschius, two sons of Remus. The name of the city may derive from Senius, although other possibilities include Roman or Etruscan family names, a Gaulish tribe name, or a Latin root meaning "old".

The English color word "sienna" ultimately comes from the name of the iron-rich clay in the Italian city, brownish yellow when raw and reddish brown when burnt, making this a vibrant color name as well as a romantic place name.

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Sienna Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Sienna Popularity

Famous People Named Sienna

  • Sienna Rose Diana MillerEnglish actress and model
  • Sienna Tiggy GuilloryEnglish actress
  • Sienna Chartrand (b. 1998)daughter of actress Nia Peeples and Lauro Chartrand
  • Sienna Ribeiro (b. 2002)daughter of actor and TV personality Alfonso Ribeiro
  • SiennaMarie James (b. 2005), daughter of actor Kevin James
  • Sienna Gruss (b. 2005)daughter of designer Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss
  • Sienna Nicole Graham (b. 2006)daughter of singer Michael Graham of Boyzone
  • Sienna Noll (b. 2006)daughter of singer Shannon Noll
  • Sienna Snodgrass (b. 2007)daughter of footballer Robert Snodgrass
  • Sienna Kompany (b. 2010)daughter of footballer Vincent Kompany
  • Sienna Marie Watters (b. 2010)daughter of singers Tamyra Gray and Sam Watters
  • Sienna Lima Jarić (b. 2012)daughter of model Adriana Lima and basketball player Marko Jarić
  • Sienna Rose (b. 2012)daughter of singer Maria Lawson
  • Sienna Ameerah Kasyafani (b. 2013)daughter of singer Andriani Marshanda and TV host Ben Kasyafani
  • Sienna Rae Halsall (b. 2013)daughter of actors Lucy,Jo Hudson and Alan Halsall
  • Sienna May Pompeo Ivery (b. 2014)daughter of actress Ellen Pompeo
  • Sienna Babcic (b. 2016)daughter of journalist Poppy Harlow and Sinisa Babcic
  • Sienna Princess Wilson (b. 2017)daughter of singer Ciara and football player Russell Wilson
  • Sienna Wilson (b. 2010)daughter of Blake Wilson (aka Batdad, internet personality)

Sienna in Pop Culture

  • Siennafrom the movie "The Bridge to Nowhere"
  • Sienna Blakecharacter from " Hollyoaks "
  • Siennafrom the TV series "Malibu County"
  • Sienna Cammenitifrom TV soap "Neighbours"
  • Sienna Martincharacter in novel "The Lifeboat Clique"
  • Sienna Contiellocharacter in videogame ''Skullgirls''

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