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Unusual baby names come in many types. These lists can be a guide to unusual names from history and those drawn from nature, unusual baby names from books and those sure to shock grandma.

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  • For our next blessing.

  • I am having a baby girl in November and my hubby and I are Scots-Irish. Are first born son is named Murtagh Conner. We are wanting to keep Scottish and Irish names in our family and we want to name our girl Macaulay. We need help finding a middle name for her!

  • Gorgeous names from TV show "The Vampire Diaries"

  • The best names from the TV show "Pretty Little Liars"

  • A list of my favourite girl names.

  • Baby # Gender: Siblings: Clara Israel Rose, Wendeline "Wendy/Winnie" Eleanor Anne, Agnes Tamara Grace, Juniper "June" Laura Belle