11 Names // I don't end in 'a' or 'ie'

Eleven names with uncommon endings. - Created by Whirligig

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  • Conrad

    Apart from the possibility of the nickname Connie, this name is cool, classic and hipster all at the same time.

  • Edith

    Elderly but cute especially with the nickname Edie.

  • Feliz

    Happy and joyous. A modern sounding version of Felicity.

  • Heidi

    Mountains and goats and fresh air. The hide-and-seek kind of sound makes it youthful and playful.

  • Hugh

    Simple but handsome.

  • Julio

    Is Julian too popular? Augustus too serious? Julio has energy and youth.

  • Lennox

    A name for a boy but reminiscent of 'The Secret Garden' The x ending adds a quirky edge.

  • Lyric

    Musical and modern.

  • Matthew

    Classic but not boring. How many names do you know that end in W?

  • Peridot

    The silent t adds cool points and the nickname Peri will appeal to teenagers. An unusual but usable possibility.

  • Phillip

    An underused male name that is cute on a child but ages well. Pip would be an adorable nickname in his first years.