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A collection of names I've used in short stories, novels, screenplays, plays...whatever. Some are crazy, some are not. Each is meaningful in some way. - Created by Haili73

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  • Aloysia

    Aloysia Jane Keyser, Ally/Allie, twin to Zebulon

  • Zebulon

    Zebulon James Keyser, Zeb, twin to Ally. My (male) history teacher's guilty pleasure name. He named his son Lincoln, so...

  • Kayleen

    nickname to Linadel-Clara Kayleen Jillian-Anya Selena. See why she needed it? Her parents couldn't decide, so they gave her a bunch.

  • Trenton

    Don't know where I got this name, but having a character named Trenton sure helped me remember the capital of New Jersey in junior high!

  • Owen

    He was the pessimist. I don't know why.

  • Gail

    Gail Marielle Ketterling. Had about 8 siblings, the youngest of which was named Bluebelle. A name freak like myself.

  • Francisca

    it means free. These last names were all from a novel titled "Francisca Means Free" It was awful.

  • Esteban

    Esteban Emmanuel Sanchez His friends called him "Steve" because Esteban's the Spanish version of Steve

  • Garrett

    means "spear" He was part giant. It was supposed to be similar to the African word "Gewete" which meant conscience.

  • Astrea

    What I called a Caelestis, basically a flaming ball of shape shifting fire. A star person. Astrea means star.

  • Iniko

    "Niko" another naming triumph. Cool name, awesome and relevant meaning: born during troubled times. Naming their son this name alerted the citizens of Keidreiy of the trouble in the castle without alerting the other king.

  • Ajamu

    the Keidreian name given to Ethan, one of the Kings of Keidreiy. It means "He fights for what he wants"

  • Micah

    His full name is Nathaniel Micah, he's the prince of Evanslei, the kingdom to Taliva's west, and Jensina's betrothed

  • Nolan

    Prince of Rayourn, a mining kingdom to Taliva's east across the River Antaire. Rayourn and Taliva are rivals. Debated naming him Noah.

  • Victor

    Prince Victor Aaron (after his father) of Taliva, Connie and Jennie's older brother by 12 years, died in a bridge collapse that started the feud between Taliva and Rayourn.

  • Zipporah

    The midwife, the only person besides the king and queen to know that the queen bore twins

  • Fletcher

    Connie's older brother by one year, adoptive

  • Todd

    Connie's brother by adoption, younger by a few years

  • Reuben

    Ben, the youngest Carver boy. Connie is his adopted sister.

  • Rebecka

    "Beck" a minor character with a cool name. These names are from "Twice Upon a Time" a musical screenplay.

  • Aurelia

    Aurelia Dawn, the eldest Shepherd daughter, has golden hair and blue eyes

  • Briony

    Briony Sage, the middle daughter, red haired and green eyed and just as feisty

  • Calista

    Calista Rose, the youngest daughter, brown haired with cursed violet eyes that cannot see. She's our main character. Her name means "most beautiful" and she is never called Callie.

  • Damien

    Former prince, his name means "to tame" He's another of my naming triumphs as he is the Beast. Lysander is the name his father gives him, so he is also known as Prince Lysander. (I call him Damien Lysander Sanglier)

  • Elani

    Elani Mercer Shepherd. The only child of a wealthy merchant, and Aurelia, Briony, and Calista's mother, she dies giving birth to Calista and her twin

  • Flavian

    Flavian Beau Chapman Shepherd. Former merchant's son, husband to Elani. Had to change his last name from Chapman to Shepherd when he could no longer be a merchant and had to be a shepherd.

  • Gabriel

    Calista's stillborn twin, Gabriel Skye. She names him in the style of her mother (four letter nature middle name) but doesn't follow the letter scheme because she feels like his name is Gabriel. I dunno, she's bored and misses him.

  • Ignatius

    Prince of Sanglier, Damien's half brother, younger by 3 years

  • Julian

    Julian Miller. Aurelia's fiance and a total jerk. But he has a cool name.

  • Kyrie

    Thaddeus' and Melina's young daughter.

  • Melina

    Kyrie's mother, servant to Damien and his mother

  • Nerina

    Elani's mother

  • Olympia

    Haemon's wife, Ignatius's mother. The Queen of Sanglier

  • Pandora

    Damien's mother, the king's mistress

  • Quentyn

    Elani's father, Nerina's husband

  • Rhodes

    the "enchantress"- a wizard who has cursed both Calista and Damien. But at least Damien knows he's cursed.

  • Sebastian

    Ignatius's friend, Sebastian Page

  • Thaddeus

    Kyrie's father, Melina's husband, and Damien's servant. His last name is Gill.

  • Verity

    Rhodes's boss lady. These names are all from "Beauty is Blind" my retelling of Beauty and the Beast

  • Contenza

    Connie, also known as Connie Carver and Princess Contenza Emerald of Taliva

  • Haemon

    King of Sanglier, Lysander (Damien) and Ignatius's father

  • Halyn

    Halyn Ilori Mugarson. nns: Hally, Helen (mispronunciation), Hal, Lynnie. Halyn means "special, unique, unlike any other" Ilori means "treasure" Mugarson came from the name Muga, meaning "nothing". It's her dad, Mr. Mugarson, who makes her feel like nothing when she is in reality a special treasure. A real triumph in naming, if I do say so myself.

  • Ilom

    The other king of Keidreiy, Inikio's father. His name means "his enemies are many" poor guy. These last names are from "When the Stars Fall"

  • Jensina

    Jennie, Connie's twin sister, and princess of Taliva, though she grows up with the title Princess Jensina Amethyst while Connie grows up as a villager.

  • Nyathera

    a nymph whose name meant "she survives"

  • Ulixes

    someone Quentyn tried to get Elani to marry, one of the Brewer boys.

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