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My Favorite Names

A list on my favorite names - Created by tpotter

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  • Luna

  • Delia

  • Astoria

    Love this name! Especially since I found it from Harry Potter.

  • Aurora

    This name is just so beautiful and has a nice flow to it.

  • Riley

    I prefer Riley as a girl's name, even though it can be used for a male

  • Haley

    Even though this name is pretty common, I still love the unusual sound it has.

  • Marie

    I really like Marie as a middle name!

  • Oliver

    Definitely my favorite boy name

  • Finn

    I really love this name, not sure if I like the longer versions of it as much though. Ex: Finnegan, Finnean, Finneas

  • Maximillion

    I love how this name sounds

  • Daniel

    I love the name Daniel, and it's female form Danielle/a

  • Sam

  • Harper

  • Lily

    Not so sure about Lillian though...

  • Sara

    Used to think it was a very boring and plain name, but now it has a nice feel to it

  • Soraya

    Favorite female persian name