For Boys, From Boys

My two boys Arthur(7) and Hugo(5) came up with names they think are "super awesome" and "radical!" Here are some baby boy names for your boys, from my boys! - Created by emmeandelise

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  • Pilot

    "I wish that was my name!" -An Arthur Pick!

  • Arlo

    "My best friend!"-Hugo Approved!

  • Rex

    "I am the King!" Hugo Approved!

  • Racer

    "It's just a cool name, is all"- An Arthur Pick!

  • Rocket

    "San Cisco, Look 'em up"-An Arthur Pick!

  • Jovi

    "What? it's nice!" Hugo Approved!

  • Cal

    "My best friend!" - An Arthur Pick!

  • Arthur

    "He's annoying, but really cool" Hugo Approved!

  • Hugo

    "He's got nice hair, good looks, he looks just like me!"-An Arthur Pick!

  • Fletcher

    "An arrow maker, thats cool!"-An Arthur Pick!

  • Archer

    "The one who shoots the arrows?! He should be the older brother of Fletcher!" An Arthur Pick!

  • Foster

    "Hey he gave a home to imaginary friends. Every Foster should be a good guy!"-An Arthur Pick!

  • Roan

    It's Rowan without the W-Hugo Approved!

  • Wheeler

    "Sounds cool"-Hugo Approved!

  • Hudson

    "Henry or River" :)Hugo Approved!

  • Julian

    Hugo Approved!

  • Sailor

    "Yup"-Hugo Approved!

  • Emmett

    An Arthur Pick!

  • Forrest

    "I'm Forrest. Forrest Gump. It's a good name, mama. He's a good man!" -An Arthur Pick!

  • Quinn

    "Not Fabray. The boy version, one 'N' Quin!" Hugo Approved!

  • Kai

    "He writes his name so fast!" An Arthur Pick!

  • Silas

    "He was in the bible. I remember because he has a cool name!"-An Arthur Pick!

  • Peter

    Like Pan! Or the bible! Hugo Approved!

  • Max

    Where the Wild Things Are! Hugo Approved!

  • Dexter


  • Noah

    "Puck" Puckerman- From Glee, he's a cool dude! Hugo Approved! (Yes, I let my kids watch Glee)

  • Jett

    An Arthur Pick!

  • Jude

    "Hey Jude, take a sad song and make it better-er-er"-Hugo Approved!

  • Lennon

    "Because John is too mainstream"- An Arthur Pick!

  • Gatsby

    "He's just a classy guy"- Hugo Approved!

  • Gracyn

    (Grayson) "Arthur's Middle Name."-Hugo Approved!

  • Seito

    It's Japanese! - Hugo Approved!