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Oh, Those Lucky Immigrants and Foreigners

'Cause they can use those exotic, beautiful, 7 syllable names without their friends breaking a sweat, whereas for someone living in the suburbs of upstate New York--not so much. - Created by SadieJosephine

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  • Afric

    This name gets its origin in Ireland; as you could probably guess, it means Africa. Although short enough not to need a nickname, I suppose if you really wanted one you could use Ric, or Ricky.

  • Benigno

    The name hails from Italy, meaning friendly, or kind. Possible nicknames, Ben, or the adorable and endearing Nigno

  • Chevonne

    Exotic(yes, I like to use that word when it comes to names) and beautiful, Chevonne is the new and improved Cheyenne.

  • Christabel

    Spanish in origin, the name Christabel means Beautiful Christ Follower, and lends itself to several different nicknames, among them Christi, Chrissie, Bel, and Bella

  • Ewan

    Ewan is a Scottish name, meaning From the yew. Actor: Ewan McGregor.

  • Orrin

    Orrin, in meaning, is green, and like Afric, also hails from Ireland. A pleasant substitute for Owen, and shares another similarity to Afric in that it's short enough, no nickname is needed.