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Welsh Mythology

The heroes, gods and goddesses from Welsh mythology. Most (not all) are from the medieval Mabinogion. source: Bullfinch's Mythology by Thomas Bullfinch & - Created by redwoodfey

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  • Aeron

    god of battle and slaughter

  • Amatheon

    god of agriculture

  • Arawn

    Lord of Annwn, the underworld

  • Arianrhod

    goddess of the sky and fertility

  • Bleiddwn

    "wolfman" the wolf son of Gwydion, later changed into a boy by Math

  • Blodeuwedd

    "flower face" a woman made out of flowers, broom, meadowsweet and oak, then later turned into an owl

  • Bran

    a giant, king of Britain, who was gifted the Cauldron of Rebirth

  • Branwen

    Bran's sister, married to an Irish king. She was imprisoned and sent a starling to Bran, who rescued her

  • Brenin

    The Grey King, a giant who called down mist from the mountaintops

  • Caradoc

    son of Bran, steward of Britain, died of grief when he saw Caswallon slaying the other stewards

  • Caswallon

    conflation of a real historic personage and a deity; gifted an invisibility cloak which he used to conquer Britain and become king

  • Ceridwen

    goddess of inspiration and poetry, she brew the potion of inspiration which Gwion (later Taliesin) accidentally drank

  • Don

    the mother-goddess, her children represented the tribal deities of light

  • Dylan

    the golden haired son of Arianrhod who left for the sea and became god of the waves

  • Elen

    a woman seen in a dream by the Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus, who he later weds. She requested roads be built to travel between her three castles, some of which are still called The Causeways of Elen

  • Elffin

    rescued the infant Taliesin

  • Govannon

    the master smith and god of skills

  • Gwydion

    a sorcerer, the god of magic, poetry and music

  • Gwynn

    ruler of the dead

  • Hydwn

    the fawn son of Gwydion

  • Idris

    a giant who studied the stars from his chair/mountain; any who spent the night there would either go mad or be blessed with poetic inspiration

  • Lleu

    cursed by his mother Arianrhod, raised by his uncle Gwydion who created for Lleu a wife made of flowers

  • Llyr

    god of the sea, the Welsh equivalent of Lir

  • Mabon

    the god of youth, possibly the god of love

  • Madoc

    a prince who sailed to America in the 12th century. No historical proof, but lots of speculation.

  • Math

    son of Mathonwy, brother of Don, a powerful sorcerer and the lord of northern Wales

  • Modron

    goddess of fertility or the mother goddess

  • Morfran

    son of Ceridwen, he was supposed to drink from the potion of inspiration which Gwion (later Taliesin) accidentally drank "Great Raven" he may have been a god of death and the underworld

  • Olwen

    "white" or "fair" a giant's daughter who was the object of Culhwch's quest

  • Pryderi

    Son of Rhiannon, one of the seven survivors who had fought against Ireland, and brought Bran's head back to Britain; later defeated by Gwydion

  • Rhiannon

    goddess of horses

  • Taliesin

    conflation of a real historic personage and a mythological one, the chief of poets who drank the potion of inspiration made by Ceridwen when he was Gwion; later reborn as Taliesin and raised by Elffin