**Something Unusual**

beautiful. unusual. offbeat. cool. usable. Names I think sound current and are along the lines of recent trends, but are more unusual and offbeat. - Created by OllyStrawberry

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  • Kerris

    The English name of a small, Cornish settlement in South West England. Kerys in Cornish. Related to the popular Welsh name Cerys.

  • Eliso

    Georgian form of Elizabeth.

  • Odalys

    Spanish form of Ottilie.

  • Clafre

    Old English spelling and pronunciation of Clover.

  • Mayliss

    A French diminutive of Mary, an alternative with the air of Katniss.

  • Olivie

    Cute Czech form of Olivia. An alternative to Evie.

  • Enaid

    Welsh, for 'life' or 'soul'.

  • Esha

    An Indian name, meaning desire.

  • Sarisi

    A Hindi baby name, meaning lake. Sounds like the celeb cool Suri.

  • Clady

    A minor Irish river.

  • Betony

    An English wildflower.

  • Orly

    A suburb of Paris.

  • Theodie