Uncommon but familiar girly girls!

Searching for that sweet spot- names that are uncommon but familiar, sweet and spunky. Bonus points for a great nickname! - Created by Maple10

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  • Annika

  • Agatha

  • Primrose

  • Hazel

  • Eliza

  • Rosetta

  • Ingrid

  • Imogen

  • Beatrix

    Bea/ Betty

  • Tallulah

  • Amelie

  • Aurelia

    Beautiful, but there's pronounciation issues

  • Vega

  • Matilda

    Chosen for my daughter, we call her Tilly <3

  • Beatrice

    Bea or Betty

  • Guinevere

    Looove, but even I can't spell it if I'm looking at it.

  • Veda

    Simple vintage treasure! Wish there was a nickname!

  • Violetta

    Less common than violet, too frilly?

  • Ramona


  • Maple

    Word name, could be great!

  • Calliope

    Sounds beautiful, but can others pronounce it?

  • Juniper

    Sweet and spunky, nicknamed June or Juni. Is it serious enough for an adult?

  • Eloise

    Nicknames Ellie Lulu?

  • Cordelia

    Great name, but I have a negative association with it. Nickname Cora

  • Liesl

  • Mirabella

    Too many Bellas?

  • Ruby

    Pretty popular, but still one if my favorites. Nickname Ru

  • Etta

    Too short?

  • Violet

    Loved it for years before it became popular. Nicknames Vi or Lettie

  • Mirabel

    Love, but recently name napped

  • Greta


  • Clementine

    A bold choice! Maybe too bold for me?

  • Genevieve

    Nickname Vivi? Would people call her Gen?

  • Lilac

    Soft yet daring.

  • Aria

    Nickname Ari ?

  • Zara

    Short and sweet, No nicknames :(

  • Marigold