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Kiira's Favorites -- Female

Faves - Created by kiira

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  • Katja

  • Fionn

  • Cerise

  • Etana

  • Corisande

  • Vivia

  • Odette

  • Vienne

  • Jolán

  • Ysolt

  • Theora

  • Merethe


  • Merete

    Danish Pronunciation: mur-ETT-ay

  • Benoîte

    for Saint Benedict!

  • Tovia

  • Gaetana

  • Linnet

  • Linnea

  • Maren

  • Anwen

  • Carys


  • Eliisa Or Elisa

    The first one is Finnish, of course

  • Halyna


  • Olivie


  • Saara


  • Uliana


  • Lysanne

    French and Dutch

  • Eir

    Norse/Icelandic Pronunciation here:

  • Xanthe

  • Ealisaid

    the stress is on the first syllable which is pronounced like "ale." The next syllable is pronounced just like the English "is." The last syllable is short, sounding like "sed". ALE-is-sed. Manx Gaelic.

  • Ailsa


  • Rowan


  • Rós

    (f) ROS Rose originally comes from Norse word for "horse." Also means "rose." IRISH

  • Odile


  • Lila

  • Elina

  • Elea

  • Riika


  • Ritva


  • Ilse

  • Ilsa

  • Iva

  • Iliana

  • Tamsen

  • Tamsin

  • Tess

  • Marieke

    USAGE: Dutch PRONOUNCED: mah-REE-kə

  • Kiira

  • Jóna

    Icelandic ... the J is pronounced like a Y

  • Sulwyn

    The meaning of the name Sulwyn is Sun Blessed, Fair The origin of the name Sulwyn is Welsh Notes: Pronounced seel-win Read more at

  • Vienna

  • Liljana

    Liljana: A Slavic variant of Liliana

  • Maartje


  • Milena

    Czech, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Polish, Italian

  • Helike

    In Greek mythology, Helike (/ˈhɛlɨkiː/; Greek: Ἑλίκη, pronounced [heˈlikɛː], modern Greek pronunciation: [eˈlici]) was a name of several women. One was a nymph and one was a Queen of Chios.

  • Bente

  • Aislinn

  • Zora

  • Catrin

  • Giada

  • Kirsijóna

    I created this name by smooshing the Finnish Kirsi and the Icelandic Jóna (the J pronounced like a Y)

  • Meridian

  • Yakira

  • Xantha

  • Wren

  • Dulce

  • Lía

  • Mila

  • Søren

    Usually a male name, but ...

  • Zhanna

    Russian -- female variant of John

  • Jelka

    pronounced like YEL-kah

  • Calais

    Place name, France.

  • Osanne

    French ... I like it pronounced so it rhymes with HOSANNAH:

  • Inna

  • Nika


  • Fabienne French

  • Hero

  • Hera

  • Hrefna

    Icelandic, female version of Hrafn

  • Eowyn

  • Eliza

  • Eliška

    el-ish-ka el - rhymes with 'sell' ish - rhymes with 'dish' ka - 'a' is pronounced as 'u' in 'up'

  • Edit

    EE-dit. Swedish

  • Daciana


  • Kestra

    Deanna Troi's sister, Star Trek: The Next Generation :D But it's pretty!

  • Ava

  • Marijona

    The J is pronounced like an English consonant Y. Lithuanian

  • Eirian


  • Eirwen


  • Éireann


  • Eira

    Swedish pronunciation (also Galician, Portuguese, Welsh, Dutch):

  • Eilwen


  • Meirav

    (pn MAY-rahv- daughter of King Saul)

  • Eirlys


  • Kinvarra

    Kinvarra (Irish: Cinn Mhara), means "Head of the Sea". Kinvara, a town located on the coast of Ireland, has a harbour and contains medieval parishes.

  • Mireille

  • Adelais

    The baby girl name Adelais is pronounced aa-Deh-LAA-iy-S- †. Adelais is of Germanic origin and it is used mainly in French. Adelais is a derivative of the English and Italian Adelaide.

  • Theophania

  • Zlata

  • Ravensara

    Ravensara Meaning: (A genus of a tree from Madagascar. Often called Clove Nutmeg.) From the CHARACTER NAMES GALORE blog ...

  • Viviane

  • Mikkeline


  • Päivääivä/#fi

  • Pála


  • Willemijn

  • Kenojuak

    Pronounced ken-OH-you-ack. For Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak.

  • Chamonix French place name

  • Grażyna


  • Kivalina

    Kivalina (kiv-uh-LEE-nuh; Kivalliñiq in Iñupiaq) is a city and village in Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska, United States

  • Vierzon

    French city name.

  • Katarzyna


  • Elzbieta

  • Nikita

  • Anouk

    French with an Aleut feel