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Boys- Strong leaders of the future

My never ending list of bold boy names. - Created by AnaJo

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  • Beauregard

    beautiful gaze - French

  • Bohdan

  • Bronson

    son of brown-haired one - English

  • Bruce

    Scottish and English from French; FROM THE BRUSHWOOD THICKET

  • Callen

    Rock -Gaelic

  • Cassian

  • Declan

    Irish, meaning unknown, possible "MAN OF PRAYER"

  • Edgar


  • Ezra

  • Frideric

    peaceful ruler

  • Garrick

    Teutonic; MIGHTY WARRIOR

  • Gerard

    English and Irish from German; SPEAR STRENGTH

  • Gregor

    Scottish form of Gregory; VIGILANT, A WATCHMAN

  • Horatio

    English variation of Latin Horatius; HOUR, TIME

  • Joab

    praise Jehovah - Hebrew

  • Johan

  • Lachlan


  • Larkin

    Irish; ROUGH, FIERCE

  • Leopold

    German; BRAVE PEOPLE

  • Malachi

  • Merrick

    fame, power - Anglo-Welsh

  • Moses

  • Oskar

    German variation of Oscar; English, GOD'S SPEAR, Irish, DEER-LOVER or CHAMPION WARRIOR

  • Ozias

  • Patton

    English; FIGHTER'S TOWN

  • Peregrine

    traveler, pilgrim - Latin

  • Rory

  • Solomon

    Hebrew; PEACE

  • Torin

    chief -Irish

  • Uriah

    God is my light - Hebrew

  • Vladimir

    renowned prince - Slavic