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If Mick Jagger and Melaine Hamrick’s son had been born just a few weeks earlier, doubtless Deveraux Octavian Basil would have made every Best of Celebrity Baby Names 2016 list. It’s bold and trend-setting, but not so different that it feels burdensome.

Deveraux originated as an Anglo-Norman surname, worn by French settlers who came to England from Évreux, in Northern France. Originally spelled d’Evreux, it evolved into Deveraux to reflect the English pronunciation – Devero, with an ‘o’ sound at the end.

With a dramatic sound, no surprise the surname has been borrowed for soap opera families – think One Life to Live – as well as a character on 1980s smash hit prime time soap Dynasty. Bestselling romance author Jude Devereaux chose the surname as her pen name.

And yet, despite all of those associations, the name wears well for a boy born today. We love ‘o’ ending names – think of Arlo and Leo. And longer surnames, like Harrison and Sullivan, have been trending, too. Factor in our affection for names with the letter ‘v’ in the middle, like Oliver and Levi and Maverick, and Deveraux sounds like a name that was just waiting to catch on.

Easy nickname Dev fits right in with Jax and other short, stylish favorites.

Mick and Melanie chose a name that’s likely to catch on.