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He’s the original Renaissance man, a celebrated actor, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, too. But now Leonardo joins the list of celebrity baby names used in 2016, thanks to Alec and Hilaria Baldwin.

The Baldwin family also includes Alec‘s daughter, Ireland. Since marrying in 2012, Alec and Hilaria have welcomed daughter Carmen and sons Rafael and Leonardo.

The romance language names reflect Hilaria‘s roots. Born in Mallorca, her first language is Spanish.


Leonardo currently ranks just outside of the US Top 100, a few places behind Leo. The name is used in Italian and Portuguese as well as Spanish.

While Italian Renaissance artist da Vinci might be the most famous bearer of the name, American parents adopted it in big numbers as actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s career took off. In 1996, the name hovered around Number 400. But then the young actor played Romeo. By the time DiCaprio set sail on blockbuster disaster movie Titanic, his romantic given name had gained 50 places, and would climb another 100 in the following year.

With a boost from the newest Baldwin baby, this artistic name could continue to rise.