Master List

This is just a cumulative list of names I like over-all. - Created by Samantha-Bianca

  • Archer

    I'm coming around to Archie as a nickname.

  • Aria

  • Audrey

  • Aya

  • Adler

    Love this as a middle name - surname of "The Woman" in Sherlock Holmes.

  • Bayard

  • Conan

    Good middle name choice - after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  • Daniel

    Whilst it's far too common for me to use, it's still a lovely name. If I was forced to use a normal boys name, this would be it.

  • Dexter

  • Emiliana

  • Emily

    Another middle name choice - After Miss Bronte.

  • Ezra

  • Fox

    It's cool and that's that.

  • Georgiana

  • Grayson

  • Greta

  • Kallisto

  • Ketziah

  • Kora

  • Kimbra

  • Macsen

  • Nikolai

  • Shoshannah

    Ingorious Basterds...probably not the best place to get a name from.

  • Thomasina

    I could probably never use this name in reality, but I'm so in love with it.

  • Ursula

    Ursa or Ursie are good nicknames. Such an under-rated name.

  • Van

  • Wynn

  • Xanthe

    Heard this one as a kid and I still like it.