Baby #2

Our daughter is Madelynn Marie and we both loved that name right away, but we never came up with any others for either gender. I'm pregnant again and I have a list of names that I really like, but my hubby hasn't seen my list yet and I don't know if he likes any of them (I hope so!) I have some common ones and some that I discovered on this site...Plus middle names I like - Created by 2ndtimemommy2014

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  • Ariel

  • Eden

    This is new to my list and I LOVE it

  • Julianna

  • Juliet

    Or Juliette

  • Avalon

    Name of our car unfortunately

  • Merridie

    May never use, but pretty & unique

  • Lily

  • Mayson

    Love the added Y for a girl

  • Elliana

    Nickname Ellie

  • Avery

    Or Ayveri

  • Locklyn

  • Eloise

  • Aiden

    So common but still love it

  • Elliot

    2nd fave

  • Asher

    I love that it means "blessed"

  • Sawyer

    Newest addition to my boy list

  • Brielle

    Middle name

  • Gracelynn

    Middle name

  • Skye

    Middle name

  • Sydelle

    Middle name

  • Heaven

    Middle name—won't use but love it

  • James

    Middle name

  • Henry

    Middle name

  • Elias

    Middle name