Icelandic Boys Names

Male names of Icelandic origin, or names that are commonly used in Iceland. Containing sounds that are possible for non-Icelandic-speakers to pronounce. - Created by jackal

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  • Ari

    Meaning "eagle".

  • Einar

    Pronounced AY-nar. Meaning "lone warrior".

  • Ragnar

    Meaning "advice warrior".

  • Sindri

    Meaning "glowing molten metal". Sindri was a dwarf in Norse mythology.

  • Andri

    Meaning "ski, skier".

  • Atli

    Meaning "little father", cognate of Attila.

  • Bjarki

    Pronounced BYAR-ki. Meaning "birch".

  • Bjartur

    Pronounced BYAR-tur. Meaning "bright" (cognate of Bert). Guðbjartur Jónsson, known as Bjartur, was the main character in the famous Icelandic novel Independent People by Nobel Prize winning author Halldór Laxness.

  • Brynjar

    Pronounced BRIN-yar. Meaning "armour warrior".

  • Dagur

    Pronounced DAH-gur. Meaning "day".

  • Elvar

    Masculine version of Elva. Meaning either "elf" or "river".

  • Finnur

    Meaning "Finn, someone from Finland".

  • Freyr

    Meaning "lord". Freyr was Freyja's twin brother in Norse mythology.

  • Gísli

    Pronounced GEES-li. Meaning "hostage".

  • Gylfi

    The f is pronounced as a v, and the y as a short i. Meaning unknown but probably related to the word for "ripple". The name of a legendary King of Sweden in the Prose Edda.

  • Haraldur

    Icelandic form of Harold. Meaning "army leader".

  • Hilmar

    Meaning "battle famous".

  • Hlynur

    The y is pronounced as a short i. Meaning "maple".

  • Ingi

    From the name of Ing, an ancient Germanic god.

  • Ingimar

    The g is pronounced, as in "bongo", not as in "sing". Meaning "famous Ing".

  • Ingólfur

    Pronounced ING-gole-vur. Meaning "wolf of Ing". Ingólfur Arnarson is usually considered to be the first settler of Iceland.

  • Ingvar

    The g is pronounced, as in "bongo", not as in "sing". Meaning "defender of Ing".

  • Ísar

    Pronounced EES-ar. Meaning "ice spear".

  • Kári

    Pronounced COW-ree. Meaning "curly-haired".

  • Kjartan

    Pronounced KYAR-tahn. An Icelandicised short form of the Irish name Muirchertach, meaning "mariner". Kjartan Ólafsson is the tragic hero from Laxdæla Saga, said to be the most handsome man ever to have lived in Iceland.

  • Leifur

    Pronounced LAY-vur. Meaning "descendent, heir". Leifur Eiríksson was the Icelander who, according to some, discovered North America.

  • Magni

    Meaning "strong, powerful". Magni was one of Þórr's (Thor's) sons in Norse mythology.

  • Máni

    First vowel sound as in "cow". Meaning "moon".

  • Nói

    Icelandic form of Noah. Meaning "rest, comfort".

  • Óli

    Shortening of Ólafur.

  • Orri

    Meaning "black grouse".

  • Reynir

    Pronounced RAY-nir. Meaning "rowan, mountain ash".

  • Rúnar

    Pronounced ROO-nar. Meaning "rune warrior".

  • Snorri

    Meaning "attack".

  • Sölvi

    First vowel sound similar to as in "urn". Meaning "pale".

  • Sverrir

    Meaning "restless, noisy".

  • Thorri

    Þorri (Thorri) is the name of a month in the old Icelandic calendar, from mid January to mid February.

  • Torfi

    The f is pronounced as v. Meaning "turf".

  • Valdimar

    Meaning "famous ruler".

  • Valur

    Meaning "falcon".