Names that where not on Nameberry

This list is ,as the title suggests,a list of names that Im sad to say where not on Nameberry previously. If you have any Ideas I would love to hear them,always looking to edit and perfect my lists. - Created by Marisa Isabel

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  • Abriss

    A very strong yet feminine name,maybe a replacement for Ashley or Abilgail?

  • Bysmel

    Prn (biz my el) A lovely unique Hispanic name with a flair

  • Dayonte

    A slightly more modern take on old Italian favorite Donte

  • Jaileny

    Prn (Jay Leny) this name works in a Spanish setting as well as an English one

  • Mercis

    Prn (mer Cs) This name can trace its lineage back to the word name mercy

  • Quionna

    I think this name is a good name but has a ghetto kind of made up feel to it

  • Rangel

    A nice name but it sounds suspiciously like rangle (as in to rangle a bunch of cows)

  • Sarinnagh

    A youneek name prn just like serena ,that can also be confused with names like savanna or suzanna

  • Sharissa

    One of the more interesting Marissa,Melissa,Mariska,Clarissa combos

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