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Stylish Girl Names

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  • Aria

  • Willa

  • Abigail

  • Claire

  • Julina

  • Mila

  • Annaliese

    German-- from Anna and Elise

  • Annaleigh

    American-- Gracious

  • Ainsley

    English-- Person from Ansley

  • Bay

    English-- Sea Inlet

  • Belle

    French-- Beauty

  • Braelyn

    American-- from Bray and Lynn

  • Bria

    American-- Diminutive form of Brianna

  • Brietta

    American-- Combination Name

  • Cora

    Greek-- Maiden

  • Coralie

    French-- Little Maiden

  • Eden

    Hebrew-- Place of Delight

  • Ellasyn

    American-- Daughter of Ellis

  • Emery

    English-- Work Ruler

  • Evangeline

    Greek-- Bearer of Good News

  • Evelina

    Slavic-- Form of Evelyn

  • Everleigh

    English-- From the Boar Meadow

  • Fina

    Italian-- Short form of Josephine

  • Flora

    Latin-- Flower

  • Genevieve

    French-- Woman of the People

  • Honora

    Latin-- Woman of Honor

  • Hosanna

    Greek-- Praise

  • Julietta

    Spanish-- Form of Juliet

  • Maeva

    French-- She Who Intoxicates

  • Maisie

    Scottish-- Pearl

  • Paisley

    Scottish-- Church

  • Rowan

    Irish-- Little Redhead

  • Scarlett

    English-- Red

  • Verity

    Latin-- Truth

  • Viola

    Latin-- Violet

  • Romilly