Names with Lovely Meanings

many to do with water or the sea, truth, beauty, happiness, strength... both boys and girls! - Created by LeeLi

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  • Aleta


  • Ansel

    "fortunate, happy"

  • Arya

    "noble, truthful"

  • Axel

    "father of peace"

  • Anara


  • Charisse

    "grace, beauty, kindness"

  • Dahlia

    like the flower

  • Jada


  • Jethro


  • Leona


  • Mariska

    "of the sea"

  • Nero


  • Nova

    "new" in astronomy: a star bursting with energy

  • Orla

    "golden lady"

  • Pax


  • Raina


  • Risa


  • Raine

    "wise ruler"

  • Tallulah

    "leaping water"

  • Ula

    "jewel of the sea"

  • Zale

    "sea strength"