A little bit of everything

From literature inspired to unusual takes on classics, this list has a bit of everything. Enjoy! - Created by courtney0013

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  • Aria

    An old name that has recently been made trendy but is always cool.

  • Jasper

    A great 'J' name that is sophisticated, cool, and classic.

  • Jessa

    Classic like Jessica, but a little twist!

  • Juliet

    Always a favorite among romantic name lovers! Could be great with other "J" names. (nicknames- julie, jules)

  • Mason

    A nice name that's grown increasingly popular.

  • Naida

    (NAY-DUH) From mythology, this pretty name is most certainly a hit.

  • Phillip

    Someday he might be some lucky girls prince? (Disney moment)

  • Rosalie

    Romantic and classy.

  • Veda

    This name is a little more on the mysterious side.

  • Violet

    A little bit darker sounding flower name that could complimet "v" names or other floral names.

  • Wyatt

    Classic like William, but a little more rugged!

  • Zev

    Cool and short