Av- and Ev- Names: Putting a New Spin on Ava and Evelyn

Once upon a time, not so long ago, was a time when Ava was barely on the charts and Evelyn long gone from the top 100. Now, Top Ten Ava is a contender for the number one name of the year and Evelyn is sitting comfortably at 24. Unisex Avery is enjoying slot 18 as a girl's name that has more tomboyishness than Ava. Evie, diminuitive of Evelyn, is rising fast, and has hit the coveted top 10 in the UK. Once upon a time, Av- and Ev- names were considered rare, exotic jewels. As this trend sees no signs to slowing down, many are looking for alternatives to the uber popular names that fill up three slots on kindergarten rosters. Look no further. Av- and Ev- names without a mark on the top 100 still exist. - Created by Aurra

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