Coheed & Cambria/The Armory Wars character names

The band, Coheed & Cambria, sing a sci-fi story called the Armory Wars. There were comics before the music. The story is long a complex, my husband got me into it, and we haven't figured it out completely. Any who, to those that are fans like me and my husband, here are the names of the characters in the story: - Created by misguidedghost716

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  • Coheed Kilgannon

    Husband of Cambria. An IRO-bot and has super strength.

  • Cambria Kilgannon

    Wife of Coheed. Together they have children: Josephine, Claudio, Maria & Matthew (twins). She also has some magical powers.

  • Claudio Kilgannon

    (Also the first name of the lead singer of band)

  • Jesse

    Coheed's brother. Also an IRO-bot. Rebels.

  • Josephine Kilgannon

    The oldest of the Kilgannon children.

  • Ambellina

    The fallen prise sent to guide Claudio

  • Apollo

    Newo Ikkin's pet dog.

  • Willhelm Ryan

    The Supreme Tri-Mage of Heaven's Fence and former Mage of Sector 6.

  • Mayo Deftinwolf

    Ryan's Top General.

  • Vielar Crom


  • Mariah Antillerea

    Jesse's wife. Believed to be a Mage

  • Maria Kilgannon

  • Matthew Kilgannon

  • Newo Ikkin

    Claudio's girlfriend/love interest. The name is based upon a former girlfriend of Claudio Sanchez, Nikki Owen.

  • Sirius Amory

    An astronomer and scientist also known as "the Afterman" who is credited as the discoverer of the Keywork