Family names--both strange and wonderful

These are all names I'm either considering for a future child, just think are cool, or think are too weird not to post. (Virginette, anyone?) - Created by findemaxa13

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  • Eulalia

    Pronounced you--LAY--lee--ah. My great-grandmother's name. She was born in 1895. This name was in the top 400 at that time, at its peak, but later fell and was out of the top 1000 by 1940. Great nickname potential--in my family, Lou or Loula, but also Lia, Lee, Laylie, and with a stretch Lily.

  • Collett

    Pronounced COLL--it, with the first syllable like Colin. My great-grandfather's name. Originally an English surname.

  • Robert

  • Gerald

  • Virginette

    My great-aunt's middle name. Still unexplained to me, probably a variant of Virginia.

  • Joanna

  • Clayton

    Nicknamed Clay